Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379: Domestic Boat of the Year and Best Midsize Cruiser

With solid marks during the dockside-inspection and sea trials, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379 garners awards for Domestic Boat of the Year and Best Midsize Cruiser, 36 to 40 feet.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379

“I got excited about this boat on the dock, and I stayed excited once on the water and under sail.” -Alvah Simon Billy Black

In every Boat of the Year contest, it seems, there’s a vessel that receives solid marks during the docksideinspection portion of the judging process but truly separates itself from the field during the second half of the testing program, once the sails are hoisted and sea trials are conducted on Chesapeake Bay. For the 2012 contest, that boat was the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379.

It’s not because there was a ton of breeze coursing down the bay; in fact, the wind hovered around a mere 10 knots. However, with a powerful double-spreader fractional rig coupled with a generous conventional mainsail with ample roach, the 379 still topped 7 knots of boat speed while trucking to weather. Though impressive, those numbers alone didn’t sway the judges; it took the entire package to thoroughly knock their socks off.

“In light air, the twin helms felt great,” said Ed Sherman. “I liked it down below as well, I think the 379’s got a very good interior layout. The systems are wonderful. The electrical installation is first-class.”


Beth Leonard agreed. “From the beginning, I liked the aesthetic of this boat,” she said. “They’ve done a very good job designing things to maximize space and have executed it all very elegantly. And they’ve brought it all together at a very competitive price point”—just over $200K in sailaway mode.

“The designer, Marc Lombard, clearly does a lot of sailing,” added Alvah Simon. “When all the ingredients really come together, a boat starts to talk to me. This boat did just that.”

Simon wasn’t the only judge listening. As the unanimous choice for Best Midsize Cruiser, 36 to 40 Feet, and overall Domestic Boat of the Year, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379 has spoken—loud and clear.


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Winning Details
-Twin helms and rudders provide exceptional control and maneuverability.

-The 379 has outstanding electrical installation, service access, and L.P.G. and life-raft lockers.


-A workable, comfortable belowdecks accommodation layout, particularly in the galley and main saloon, means plenty of storage space throughout.

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