Cruisers University 2013

Have questions about cruising? Go back to school! Check out Cruisers University, April 25-28, 2013 in Annapolis, Maryland.

March 21, 2013

Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show

Glenway Rauth

There’s no doubt about it. Being a successful long-distance cruising sailor requires one to wear many hats—captain, engine mechanic, plumber, electrician, chef, navigator, the list goes on. We know that knowledge comes from experience, but you need to start somewhere.

If going cruising is the dream, check out Cruisers University to help make it a reality. The available classes cover everything from sail trim and line handling to financing your boat and cruising with kids—you choose the classes that you want and you can participate in either the Four-Day Master Cruisers Series, the Three-Day Cruising Preparations Series, or the One-Day Cruisers Education.

The classes are held in Annapolis, Maryland, April 25-28, 2013, and tuition includes materials, breakfast and linch, evening social hours, and admission to the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, which runs the same weekend.


For more information or to register, visit the Cruisers University site or contact Nancy Grisham, (410) 263-7802.


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