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Sailing Education

Strictly Sail Pacific 2015

American Sailing Association

The largest and most respected sailing instruction organization in the world


Blue Water Sailing School

An American Sailing Association certified sailing school with lessons for sailors at every experience level

Offshore sailing school

Offshore Sailing School

The school provides a full range of instruction on 40’-50’ cruising yachts, sailing and power catamarans, with US Sailing and Powerboating certification


West Coast Multihulls

West Coast Multihulls offers sailing charters and sailing instruction aboard a fleet of modern cruising catamarans.


Sails & Rigging

Harken’s Battcar System

Tame the Main

Armed with a few basic tools, a DIYer can refit a mast with a Harken Battcar System to make raising, dousing, and reefing the mainsail easier and safer.

Sailing Green


Deep Sea Wonders

At Wake Island, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is exploring the deep into better understand what lies below the surface.



Wave on moving water surface close up in the middle of the screen

Leaving My Comfort Zone

At 78, I decided I wasn’t going to let my age get in the way of making memories of a lifetime with my son.

Kaufman 47 cutter

Reefing Off the Wind

Every sailor should have a sound strategy for reefing in adverse conditions. Here’s what works for us aboard Quetzal.