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Baffin Bay

The Crux of the Matter

After completing a circumnavigation of Antarctica via the Southern Ocean, an intrepid West Coast adventurer sails north, bound for the Northwest Passage and the long way home.

David Blake Fischer

Fresh Starts

“Don’t be fooled by my Sperry’s, my JFK-style sunglasses or my well-kept pocket cruiser. Just watch me tack, and you’ll see what I really am: a novice, an amateur or, as my 7-year-old son says, a total noob.”


Name Changer

Having decided to repaint my Pearson Ensign, I decided to change the name as well. Only one problem: Everyone knows it’s horrible luck to change the name of a boat!


The Gods Must Be Angry

“It’s a double-edged sword with pagan deities: When they’re happy, they send you a friendly current or lift you around a cape, but when they feel slighted, these old gods will ruin your day.”