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Sailing Totem: Uncertain Cruising Plans

The ongoing pandemic continues to create uncertainties for a sailing family, but COVID restrictions don’t stop them from visiting friends and relatives back in the States.

The author's two boats


Two boats, two stories and a single common denominator in the journey of a lover of boats: the talented builder and designer who tied everything together.

Cabrales Boatyard

Sailing Totem: Some Days Are Better Than Others

Ah, the cruising life! While the rewards are awesome, the work is real. Sometimes, you have a bad day. That happened to us recently, so in the interest of keeping it real – we are FAR from infallible! – it is related below, in Jamie’s words.

Carlien Pels and Martin Manrique

Make Them Sailors

A young couple heads out in an old sailboat to explore the Caribbean, and ends up starting a nonprofit that aims to teach island kids how to sail.