Lahaina Harbor

An Ode to Lahaina

We hadn’t dropped the chute in 2,000 miles since leaving Tahiti. The closer Maui inched, the more we felt invincible. Landfall does that. After days at sea, every south sea island is an intoxicating rebirth of the senses, a virginal stirring of the heart. Lahaina was all of that.



First Impressions: Madagascar

Arriving on the northern coast of this Indian Ocean island after years of sailing in the pacific, a sailing family dives into a whole new world.




Voyage to Antarctica

The passage on Pelagic Australis from Chile to Antarctica was nothing short of mind-bending, but the rewards were worth the ordeal.


Moorings fleet

Better Than Ever

The Moorings flagship base in the BVI has new watersports and provisioning centers, along with new catamarans and monohulls for guests to charter. There’s a new skipper-only bareboat option too.


Grey River

Cruising Newfoundland

A pair of sailors discover the joy of community while cruising the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

Vancouver Island

Nick of Time

Cruisers turn racers in the biennial Van Isle 360 race around Vancouver Island.



Mooring field

Local Knowledge, Since 1902

Barefoot Charters specializes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a charter destination unlike any other in the Caribbean.



Cruising Albania

A pair of young sailors make a stop in Albania during their cruise of the Mediterranean, and it became one of their favorite destinations.


Jamie Gifford sanding in his boat

State of Our Totem

Although there are days when progress feels minuscule, we’ve crossed major milestones in our refit.


South America

South Pacific

Sailors visiting the home of a Fiji local.

Fiji’s Blue Lane Initiative

In a time when most other Pacific island nations were closing their borders to cruisers, Fiji figured out a way to welcome them.