June 2009


May 8, 2009


Pearls Around the White Continent
Great Expectations Meet Southern Ocean Realities: In Part II, the voyage of Northern Light begins in earnest
by Deborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke

Encounters Along the North Channel
Canadian waters, secluded in early summer, call to the crew of Phantasia II, a Niagara 35
by Jayne Finn


You Can Go Back
Landfall in the Solomon Islands is a trop down memory lane for at least one member of the Roger Henry’s Crew
by Alvah Simon


Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo
Short Story by Melanie Neale
Special Report by Elaine Lembo
Under Way by Amanda Glickman


Sailing Life

Cruising Connections by Beth A. Leonard
Passage Notes by Rick Caroselli
People & Food by Geraldine Foley
Osprey’s Flight by Wendy Mitman Clarke



Hanse 630e
Boat Review: This sleek, fast import is as beautiful under way as it looks dockside
by Andrew Burton

Hunter 50 CC
Boat Review: Roomy comforts below and above make this a fitting liveaboard cruiser
by Mark Pillsbury

Stay Dry, Parts I & II
New Products: Tops and bottoms keep coastal sailors dry, filters help the bilge stay free of oil, and this pocket-size video camera is waterproof, too
by Andrew Burton


Angling for Downwind Speed
Seamanship: Find the right slot to reach your destination faster
by Jeremy McGeary

The Geometry of Reefing
Sailhandling: Different sail plans require different responses to strengthening wind
by Jeremy McGeary

Sailing Downwind? Set a Whisker Pole
Seamanship: Follow these setup steps for wing-and-wing maneuvers
by Andrew Burton

Don’t Be Tight When Buying Clamps
Monthly Maintenance: These mechanical heroes keep fluids in their proper places
by Steve D’Antonio


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