January Photo Contest Results: Alaska’s Newest Champion

The winner of CW's January photo contest is harryt42, whose photo "Sailing Alaska Waters" impressed judges with its eye-catching composition and compelling subject matter.

February 7, 2008

With every monthly photo contest we hold, the field gets more and more impressive. Among the 95 submissions to CW‘s January photo contest were images of Bahamian solitude, a patriotic sunset, and eclectic graffiti. A photo capturing a confident, cozy skipper braving frigid Alaskan waters was the most compelling to CW‘s judges– editor John Burnham, senior editor Mark Pillsbury, and online business analyst Lisa Julius.

Congratulations to this month’s winners, and keep the fantastic photos coming!

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First Place

Contributor: harryt42
Title: “Sailing Alaska Waters”
Judge’s Comments:
“Great composition, with the high view of the cockpit and helmsman, good diagonal lines from the shrouds, man-overboard pole, mizzen mast, mizzen boom and wake that draw you into the scene. It looks chilly, but the bareheaded helmsman appears completely comfortable in the well-enclosed cockpit area.” – John Burnham

Second Place


Contributor: Foster Fanning
Title: “Mermaids”
Foster Fanning’s Description: “These local mermaids took a rest stop on AQUILA’S anchor chain just long enough for me to capture their rarely seen image.”

Judge’s Comments: “The photo definitely catches your attention because of both the quality of the color and the subject matter. It’s well composed, unusual; clearly the photographer put some thought into this photo rather than taking a snapshot.” -Mark Pillsbury

Third Place


Contributor: srubzow
Title: “Security System”
srubzow’s Description: “Come aboard if you dare! Anchored north of Friendly Cove, West Coast Vancouver Island.”

Judge’s Comments: “It’s humorous, it’s adorable, and that’s one of the cutest dogs I’ve seen in our photo contests so far!” -Lisa Julius

Honorable Mention


Contributor: Neil Blavin
Title: “North Channel, Lake Ontario”
Neil Blavin’s Description: “A gorgeous Labor Day weekend in the North Channel. Few boats, no bugs, lot’s of sunshine. Trailered up to Spanish, Ontario, and set out from there.”

Judge’s Comments: “Great aerial perspective and well-composed image with the trees and rocks framing the boat.” -John Burnham

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