Marlow-Hunter Ships First Boat

Up from the ashes of Hunter Marine's bankruptcy and restructuring, the now Marlow-Hunter has launched its first boat.

Marlow-Hunter 33

Marlow-Hunter, LLC recently established as the operating company of Marlow Acquisitions, LLC, has successfully launched its first completed boat, a Marlow-Hunter 33. "All our employees, from the established workforce prior to the sale of the company and the 30 new employees, are proud today to say we have accomplished an important step in the rebuilding process—the shipping of our first finished product in less than two weeks to a dealer in Wisconsin," stated Mr. John T. Peterson, President of Marlow-Hunter, LLC.

Since the company was bought out of Chapter 11 restructuring, suppliers have been providing Marlow-Hunter with a steady stream of necessary parts and materials needed to build its boats. Employment has risen from the low of 31 employees just prior to its restructuring on April 30 to right at 100 today under the new ownership of Mr. David E. Marlow, Chairman of Marlow Acquisitions, LLC and Marlow-Hunter, LLC.

David Marlow, after reviewing the operations and meeting with all the employees has concluded, "I believe I have bought the best boat company in America. One with a strong brand and great reputation, and although these are tough times in the marine business, Marlow-Hunter will prosper under the plans we have laid out. Our customers worldwide will see a renewed, aggressive group of dedicated employees who, given the proper financing and tools, will become a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of sailboats"

Also appearing for the first time is the new logo depicting its 40th year in business as Marlow-Hunter begins to build for the new model year starting in September. New ads under the banner "Life Begins at 40" have been placed in major marine publications and a new model boat will be unveiled at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, in early October with over 100 dealers scheduled to be in attendance. "As time will tell I have challenged the team at Marlow-Hunter to take one small step a day and the result after each week can be astonishing—completing a boat under the circumstances the company was in in less than two weeks is gratifying, now the mark has been set and we plan on shipping boats off of the three active production lines on schedule daily," Marlow went on to state.