Neal Petersen

Award-winning author and Around Alone racer

Neal Petersen is an award-winning author, solo "Around Alone" racing yachtsman, founder of an investment bank and so much more. Few people have realized their dreams, but even fewer have raced solo around the world and in a home built boat. It is an unparalleled adventure, the longest, most extreme race for any man or woman, 27,000 miles in a boat, nine months at sea--alone.

Neal has demonstrated what can happen when one truly lives by goals, planning, and preparation, believing there are no obstacles so great that they cannot be overcome. In sharing his high-impact extraordinary adventure, Neal delivers a powerful message, "In life there are no barriers--only solutions!"

Neal has over 15 years experience internationally delivering his history-making keynote to corporations such as IBM, Cisco, American Express, Motorola. Neal has a wonderful spirit and a genuine talent for storytelling. He is unique in his delivery, carrying a treasure chest on stage, taking his audience on a journey they will long remember. Halfway through the presentation Neal shows actual footage of rounding Cape Horn. They find the key messages are not just a topic, rather a philosophy they can incorporate into their lives as well, "No Barriers - Only Solutions."

Neal's autobiography, Journey of a Hope Merchant, won the National Outdoor Book Award for best book of the year.

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