Magnifico Plus Universal GPS/PDA Screen Magnifier by Office on the Gogo

"Gear and Gadgets" from the October 2006 edition of CW Reckonings

October 3, 2006


After decades of outstanding service, including spotting buoys from afar and identifying even the smallest map features on handheld GPS units, my eyes have started slacking on the job. Last June, as I was inputting data into my Garmin Map76 GPS in preparation for a trip to Bermuda, my eyes weren’t quite up to the task of scrutinizing the handheld’s tiny display. Luckily, I remembered a sample sent from, the Magnifico Plus.

The Magnifico Plus is a magnifying glass housed in a metal framework. Because its design seemed so basic, I put it at the bottom of my product review list. However, after using the Magnifico Plus to plug Bermuda and Mackinac Island waypoints in my GPS, re-set a recalcitrant Casio watch, and repair a fine-link gold necklace for my daughter, I have assigned this handy device a permanent place in my navigation kit. The metal framework around the Magnifico Plus fits most common GPS units and PDAs, and holds the magnifying glass the appropriate distance above the unit’s screen. $49.95,


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