Quick Look: PT-11 Sport Tri

The PT-11 Sport Tri fulfills the need for speed. "Boat Review" from our January 2012 issue.

December 27, 2011

PT-11 Sport Tri

Billy Black

The design writ of the PT-11, the inaugural offering from the Rhode Island-based builder Performance Multihulls, is “a high-performance, 11-meter trimaran designed and built as a sport cruiser for a very discerning client.” Boat of the Year judge Ed Sherman concurs, saying, “This is a very special boat that’s built for a very special kind of sailor, one with deep pockets who’s kind of flying at the outer, leading edge.”

In other words, it’s a boat that looks fast standing still. And under sail? Look out.

Fashioned from carbon fiber, S-glass, and Nomex honeycomb, the PT-11’s laminate is strong yet light: In cutting-edge yacht design, weight is the enemy of speed. With a rotating carbon mast by Hall Spars and a Mastervolt electrical system utilizing a single lithium-ion battery bank, the high-tech theme is carried throughout. Yet the boat also has a basic but comfortable cruising layout.


But as Sherman pointed out after tearing across Chesapeake Bay on a powerful reach, it fulfills the need for speed. “It’s sensitive to what you do,” he said. “Sail trim. Helm angle. Weight placement. They’ll all make a difference in what you get out of the boat. But boy, once you start to get the hang of it, you’re going to love it. It’s a great ride.”

LOA 40′ 0″
LWL 36′ 0″
Beam 28′ 0″
Draft 4′ 0″/7′ 0″
Sail Area 670 sq. ft.
Displacement 6,300 lb.
Water 55 gal.
Fuel 16 gal.
Engine 21-hp. Nanni
Designer Walworth Designs
Price $630,000
Performance Multihulls
(401) 254-6911


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