Up From the Skies

Among the entries already submitted to CW's May photo contest are images of a heavenly fog (left) and a hellish sunset. "Community Spotlight" from our May 29, 2008, CW Reckonings


Community member rognvald's submission "100_0338" captures, as he puts it, "developing seafog when the wind died going back to port."Rognvald

The ocean is, of course, home to endless natural wonders, some of which crop up in CW's monthly photo contests. Among the submissions to the May contest are two photographs that capture Mother Nature at her surreal best. "Sunset off the Coast of Northern Chile," contributed by community member milest, is not just any old snapshot of a beautiful sunset. In the photo, dark orange seas seem to bubble up towards a fiery sky, as if the underworld were suddenly erupting into the heavens.

Community member rognvald's submission "100_0338" is more inspired than its name would suggest. This otherworldly image captures a ray of sunlight beaming down on the first whisps of fog building over a mercurial sea; it feels divine. Better yet, it's only one of dozens of great photos submitted to the contest. There are still a few days left to enter the May contest, so snap your best shots and zap them our way!

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