Annapolis Boat Show: What to Look for

Get a look at some of the boats you can't miss when you check out the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis.

For the full list of boats on display, visit the Annapolis Boat Shows website, here.

Alerion Sport 30 Alerion Yachts marry a tradition of beauty with modern design and advanced composite construction. The Alerion Sport 30 is the first Alerion offered with the option for a carbon-fiber bowsprit and asymmetric furling downwind sail. The Alerion Sport 30 combines exhilarating performance with the simplicity of handling for which all Alerions are renown, allowing you to welcome aboard companions of every skill level and to singlehand with ease. For more information, visit the Alerion Yachts website.
Bavaria Open 40 Bavaria Yachts gets into the catamaran business with the Nautitech-built Open 40. Along with its larger sibling, the Open 40 is one of the first catamarans to be sold under the Bavaria name. A lively and responsive boat, the Bavaria doesn’t skimp on living space with an ample saloon that opens onto a spacious outdoor living area. The outside space is where you will spend most of your time on the Open 40, perfect for soaking in your surroundings in comfort. To find out more about the Open 40, visit the Bavaria Yachts website.
Dragonfly 25 Dragonfly has introduced a new version of their popular Dragonfly 25. Featuring a kick-up centerboard and rudders, the 25 is all about versatility, able to cruise in shallow waters with ease, and trailer away conveniently when it’s time to haul out. The new design features increased hydrodynamics as well as a larger sail plan to that both ensures safety, and increases speed, providing for an exhilarating cruise. For more information, visit the Dragonfly website.
Dufour 350 Grand Large Genius of ergonomics and comfort, this yacht borrows from its bigger brothers all the finesse of style that takes the quality of life to new heights, when sailing as well as at mooring. Designed for long-haul sailing, life aboard benefits from every convenience, thanks to its open cockpit, among so many other features. The 350 is available in two different 3 cabin layouts as well as a 2 cabin layout. For more information, visit the Dufour Yachts website.
The Dufour 382 features a spacious cockpit layout with plenty of room for entertaining as well as storage, sleek lines, and a versatile, customizable interior. The 382 is available with six ­interior ­layout options, a ­rarity in this size range, to appeal to a wide audience. Owners can also choose an in-line galley or traditional L-shaped one, two cabins or three, one or two heads, and whether they want a nav ­station. Dufour 382 Grand Large Like its younger sibling the 350, the 382 is elegant and comfortable both underway and at anchor. For more information, visit thee Dufour Yachts website.
Grand Soleil 43 The Grand Soleil 43 marries style and performance in an elegant but fast cruiser. Drafted by the same designer who created numerous America’s Cup boats, the 43 is the ideal racer/cruiser, able to comfortably keep pace without sacrificing luxury. A sturdy keel combined with a balanced rig ensures that will cruise past your competition in comfort and safety. A simple layout also proves easy to handle short-handed. For more information, visit the Grand Soleil website.
Hanse 315 Nominated for the European Yacht of the Year 2016, the new Hanse 315 is making its debut in Annapolis. Designers focused on equal parts style and versatility when crafting Hanse’s new compact sporty cruiser. A deep keel offers comfort and stability, while a balanced rig provides excellent sailing performance. Below deck, an open layout offers space that would make larger yachts jealous. The best part? The Hanse 315 is completely customizable. Choose from a huge array of options, colors and finishes to make the boat entirely your own. For more information, visit the Hanse Yachts website.
Jeanneau 54 Every aspect of the Jeanneau 54 is all-new and designed to fit the way you live, like no other yacht in its class. Never before seen solutions are found throughout, from the clever VIP interior layout to the spacious living cockpit and the easy and discreet management of the tender and the innovative aft terrace. Every detail and function has been considered to enhance life aboard and the cruising experience. The Jeanneau 54 is born from the close collaboration of Philippe Briand, who’s chined hull and elegant deck profile ensure seaworthy handling and timeless looks, and Andrew Winch’s meticulous approach to every ergonomic detail and the selection of high-end materials that echo the look and feel of his super yacht pedigree. For more information, visit the Jeanneau website.
Passport Vista 545 AC The Passport Vista 545 combines ease of sailing with high performance and a hull designed for speed. The high tech composites used in the deck and hull are designed to make the boat go fast without sacrificing comfort and the highest level of safety. A completely customizable interior means that the boat can be made to fit your cruising needs exactly. For more information, visit the Passport Yachts website.
RS Quest The RS Quest development process is well advanced and this compact yet spacious, stable and rewarding all-rounder will be in production in September 2015. The RS Quest sits between the RS Feva and RS Vision in our range and responds to the need for a modern dinghy of this size – big enough for an instructor and 2 or 3 pupils – perfect for a family – small enough to easily handle afloat and ashore. Inspired by the Sea Cadets who wish to update their older dinghies, this is the boat many sailing programmes around the world want – and it is packed with innovative features to create a uniquely configurable boat to suit individual needs, with the ability to grow the sailor. For more information visit the RS Sailing website.