Announcing CW‘s Summer Photo Contest

The contest winner will receive an underwater camera courtesy of SeaLife.

April 22, 2009

SeaLife DC 1000 368

The SeaLife DC 1000 Underwater camera. Courtesy Of The Manufacturer

Have you ever wanted to take one of those really great snorkeling photos or maybe just wanted to get some spray on your images to make it look like you were in some really impressive conditions?

You can do just that if you win our Summer Photo Contest, because SeaLife Cameras is offering up a DC1000 underwater camera worth $550 to the cause. Submit your best cruising photos to our member gallery by September 21; CW judges will select a winner shortly thereafter. The 10-megapixel camera sports a large LCD screen, powerful zoom, and several specialized shooting modes for capturing vivid pictures both above and below the surface.

All these fine feature will make the SeaLife camera a great addition to your packing list the next time you head into snorkeling territory or sail in unbelievable conditions.


The contest will be running now through September 21st. You must be a registered member of the CW community to participate. To register, click here. Once you’re registered, upload your photos to the member galleries.


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