Arriving in Stanley

The weather holds for the crossing to the Falklands providing some excellent sailing, and bird spotting.

When we left Alaska to sail to Australia with our toddler for crew, we thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. But then we had our second child, and bought our second boat, and sailed across the Pacific a second time. We’ve been living aboard for seven years now. Sometimes we wonder how long we’ll keep at it, but all we know for sure is that the end doesn’t seem to be in sight just yet. Click here to read more from the Twice in a Lifetime blog.

The weather was a big part of our crossing from Chile to the Falklands. The biggest. We bought ourselves a little luck by leaving when we did and taking the chance to move fast when we could and found ourselves just south of a little low pressure system. All day on the second day of the crossing we could watch the edge of the low (above). On the south side we had gentle southeasterlies, and then when the low had passed us by we finished with southwesterlies. Perfect.
A pair of Cape Petrels.
The Giant Petrel.
It was a great trip for pelagic seabirds.
The Antarctic Fulmar.
Spotted a Royal albatross and giant petrel.
That picture would be when the southwesterlies found us. We have some spare 10mm wire set up as our aft lower on the port side (thank you, Jonathan!), so we were happy to be on port tack when the breeze came in.
Approaching Stanley.
Approaching the town of Stanley.
The town of Stanley
Ee came to rest here – tied in behind some local draggers at the Falkland Islands Company jetty, in company with a handful of yachts. The sailing scene here is about an order of magnitude smaller than the scene at the Micalvi in Puerto Williams. Plenty convivial though.