Attention Cruising Fishermen

We can all help sustain the health of our fisheries.


Recently, NOAA Fisheries Service has implemented a new program to collect and analyze data from recreational saltwater fishermen that will help to ensure the sustainability of our fisheries. By compiling information from states’ saltwater fishing license registry and/or direct registration by fishermen, The Marine Recreational Information Program will generate a comprehensive list of saltwater fishermen, which will provide a sampling pool for surveys on the number and type of fish caught in different areas of the country. This will represent an improvement over the current survey method of random phone calls to households in coastal communities. The data collected is meant to give researchers an overall picture of the health of the various coastal marine ecosystems and give lawmakers accurate data for policy decisions.

All saltwater fishermen are required to register with the MRIP. In most cases, this is done automatically when you apply for your state saltwater fishing license; however, this is not the case for every state. If you are in one of the states or territories that do not supply the registry information to the MRIP, you will need to register yourself online or over the phone, and beginning January 1, 2011, pay a $15 fee.

To learn more about the National Saltwater Angler Registry and the Marine Recreational Information Program, or to see if you need to register, visit