August 2007 Table of Contents


July 19, 2007

Robin Knox-Johnston and other circumnavigators, an island for the moment, tribute to a bareboat-charter pioneer, saving a waterfront boatyard, good books, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

On Watch
Charity isn’t the motive behind cruisers’ good works–keeping the balance is
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Short Story
A roving eye leads to furtive moments with Sailboat Trader
by Melanie Neale


Special Report
Scientists need a ride to and from California’s Farallon Islands, so these sailors volunteer to deliver them
by Nonnie Thompson

Point of View
As the Caribbean 1500 entry total hits a high, the concept of passage-making en masse comes under the lens
by Ralph Naranjo

Passage Notes
The 1500 rally’s pre-departure action is told in pictures
by Ralph Naranjo


People and Food
This appetizer–made from fresh fish, with no utensils required–is perfect cruising potluck fare
by Cade Johnson

Log of Ithaka
A teddy bear’s shipboard letters help the crew of Ithaka pass along to a little girl their love of the active life
by Bernadette Bernon



Barebooat Chartering

Crossing the Line on the Carian Coast
Following Turkey’s southwest coast into the waters of neighboring Greece reminds this crew that the riches–and the differences–of the ancients endure
by Chris Pastore

Vacation Dilemma How Many Hulls Make a Party?
Two premium bareboating platforms–the Moorings 4600 and the Moorings 51.5– get a workout from a family thirsty for fun
by Mark Pillsbury


The Clinker That’s No Clunker
A total of 53 sailors from 12 countries submitted sailboat plans in a successful revival of the CW design contest
by Jeremy McGeary

Charter Address Book
Find contact details here for worldwide brokers and companies that make bareboat sailing vacations happen
by Kathy Gregory

A Thoroughbred Born for the Hunt
Yacht Style: The new Trintella 50 is a Ron Holland-designed bluewater steed that can take its owner across some of the world’s toughest offshore waters
by Mark Pillsbury


50 Years of Transats
Voyaging: A dozen times across the pond leaves him stoked with stories–and advice
by Don Street

Twice the Security
Seamanship: Set properly, tandem anchors will help you boat stay put in tricky places
by Evans Starzinger

Turn Stowaways into Castaways
Living Aboard: Rats fancied the fare aboard until the crew put a stop to it– and to them.
by Tiffany Miller

A Man’s Quest for Heft
Backyard Warrior: He’s bringing home 7,800 pounds of lead a tenth of a pound at a time
by Ben Zartman

A Cool Piece of Gear
Monthly Maintenance: A precise networkd housing coolant and seawater, the heat echanger is a the radiator of diesels
by Steve D’Antonio


Ovni 395: Function Leading Fashion
Boat Review: The aluminum-hulled Ovni 393 is a solid choice for waters thick and thin
by Alvah Simon

Sun Odyssey 49 P– Is the “P” for Pleasure?
Boat Review: Jeanneau fine-tuned the 49 Performance for active sailors
by Alvah Simon

Electric Outboard to Go
New Products: A motor for dinghies, a waterproof housing for marine photography, a long-lasting bulb for masthead lights, and more
by Andrew Burton

A Ketch of a Different Cult
Classic Plastic: Effortless sailing under balanced canvas is the trademark highlight of the Tanton 43
By Nancy Willette


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