Spectacular Sights in the Bahamas

Top destinations to visit in the central and southern Bahamas
Bahamas Sightseeing
Dean’s Blue Hole has some of the deepest, bluest waters in the Bahamas. Courtesy Bahamas Department of Tourism

Hurricane Joaquin may have torn through the central and southern Bahamas in October 2015, but not even a Category 4 storm could stamp out the islands’ natural beauty. The historic sites, the underwater splendor and the pink-tinged beach dunes are all reasons visitors fall in love with this Caribbean paradise, and they continue to dazzle and amaze.

Long Island

Dean’s Blue Hole

More than 660 feet deep and filled with azure seawater, Dean’s Blue Hole is the most remarkable geological feature of its kind in the world.

Other renowned blue holes (or water-filled sinkholes with a sub-sea level entrance) descend 300 to 400 feet. At nearly double this depth, the Long Island marvel is a sight to behold.


Columbus Monument

This cross-topped monolith on Long Bay marks the stop where explorer Christopher Columbus’ longboat came ashore in the West Indies. The monument itself is perched atop Long Island’s famous white stone cliffs, treating visitors to an incredible view of the Caribbean Sea. Tide pools teeming with ocean critters pepper the shoreline below.

San Salvador

Dixon Hill

A white stone lighthouse reaches 160 feet upward from Dixon Hill, which travelers can ascend to take in the beautiful island vista. Many guests staying on San Salvador rent bicycles and ride to this pastoral hilltop for the afternoon.

East Beach

Serene, quiet and covered with pinkish sands, East Beach is the quintessential tropical oasis. Gazing into this beach’s gin-clear waters will calm even the most fettered mind.


Rum Cay

HMS Conqueror

This 101-gun British vessel wrecked on Rum Cay in 1861 and now rests beneath 30 feet of water by Sumner Point Reef. HMS Conqueror is property of the Bahamas government and protected as the Underwater Museum of the Bahamas, preserving the historic wreck for future generations.

Want to help the families and shopkeepers who make their homes in paradise? The Stop Off and Drop Off Campaign helps visiting captains connect with local relief workers to donate much-needed building supplies and foodstuffs.