Boat Show Anchor Demo

At Strictly Sail Pacific, scale models of various anchors are dragged through sand to compare how well they dig in.

Quickline USA at Strictly Sail Pacific

Anchoring is simulated with scaled-down models at the Quickline USA booth at Strictly Sail Pacific.

When Randy Boelsems of Quickline USA told me that in the years he's offered a lifetime warranty on the Ultra anchor made of 316L stainless steel, he's never had to process a claim, I paid attention. I paid even more attention when he gave me a product demonstration at Strictly Sail Pacific, the boat show in Oakland, California, that runs through Sunday, April 17.

For the demo, Boelsems had scale models of actual anchors---CQR, Danforth, Manson, and Rocna---fabricated. His specs called for the anchors to accommodate a fairly heavy boat of 40,000 pounds displacement and 45 feet in length. Dragging each of the models through a rectangular basin filled with sand and water shows how each lands, sets, and digs in. Boelsems says the key to his product's performance is the location of its center of gravity. Very interesting!

The boat show is loaded with interesting demonstrations like these, so if you get a chance to attend, please do.