Book an Adventure: Travel the World with Popular Science

Ready to do some traveling? Check out this new themed adventure series.

Egyptian architecture is just one of the themes included in a new series of expeditions.Photo Courtesy of Popular Science/Les Anderson

Are you ready for a different sort of vacation — say one on land for a change, in some intriguing new venue?

The editors at our sister publication, Popular Science, have teemed up with the travel experts at smarTours to create Popular Science Expeditions. The magazine's editorial team has outlined several adventures, each with its own theme, be it technology, nature, the environment, architecture or history. An editor will then be present on each trip to provide context and field questions.

All-inclusive packages coming this year include: Safari in South Africa (August 23-September 5; October 11-24; November 27 - December 10); Cities From the Future in Dubai & Abu Dhabi (October 22-30; November 6-14; December 10-18); Ancient Culture & Cultivation in China (August 28-September 6; October 30-November 8; November 27-December 6); and Architecture & Environment in Egypt (October 12-21; November 2-11; December 7-16).

For more information, including full itineraries and dates for trips, visit