Cruising World On Board: Windelo 50

Introducing the Windelo 50: A Eco-Friendly Cruising Catamaran for Epic Sailing Adventures.

The Windelo 50 is an environmentally friendly fast cruising catamaran designed for long-distance sailing adventures. With its outstanding performance, high comfort levels, and sturdy construction, it inspires confidence in sailors to embark on vast ocean voyages. The yacht’s slightly fuller lines, powerful rig, and daggerboards ensure efficient sailing even when fully loaded, allowing travelers to cover vast stretches of the ocean without compromising on essential equipment. Cruising World got on board during the 2024 Miami International Boat Show.

Key Features:

  • Performance blue water cruiser
  • Electric hybrid engines
  • Indoor loft – reimaging indoor/outdoor living
  • 6,000 watts of solar panels
  • Full electrics cruising at six knots or four hours

Specs at a Glance:

  • Length 15.24 m
  • Beam 7.92 m
  • Maximum draft 2.32 m
  • Minimum draft 1.03 m
  • Light displacement 11.2 t
  • Freshwater tank 400 l
  • Blackwater tank 200 l
  • Max. number of cabins 4 (+1 skipper)
  • Max. number of people 12
  • Type of engines Electric and hybrid engines
  • Engines power 2 x 20 kW
  • Generator 18 kW (or 2 x 18 kW on option)
  • Batteries park 1120 Ah 48V battery bank (53.8 kWh)
  • Green energies Solar, hydrogeneration, wind turbine
  • Fuel tank 500 l