Caliente's Fate

Caliente, a custom 50-footer designed by Guy Ribadeau Dumas and built in France, was under way from the Chesapeake to Florida in early May 2002 when a series of lows began to flow off of Cape Hatteras. On May 13, the delivery captain called the U.S. Coast Guard and reported a ripped main, no engine, and water in the bilge. A commercial salvage company attempted to tow Caliente and her crew to port, but the deteriorating weather forced it to abandon the effort. Ultimately, the Coast Guard evacuated Caliente's crew by helicopter and issued a "Notice to Mariners" warning of a hazard to navigation. Forty-one days later, Simba and Caliente crossed paths over 400 miles from where she was set adrift, thus launching the saga detailed in the accompanying story. Today, Caliente is still on the hard at Pilots Point Marina in Connecticut. The owner and I are currently negotiating the fair value of our salvage efforts. A settlement is expected. S.J.K.