Carpenter, Hawke & Co. For Sale

Carpenter, Hawke & Co., publisher and distributer of an annual series of marine navigational handbooks, is for sale. Widely regarded as an industry standard, each book is a compendium of essential navigational inforrnation for the coastal waters of North America and the Caribbean.

The brand is a registered trademark in the United States with a reputation for premium navigational data and information and a loyal customer base. The Company has developed these titles over the past ten years utilizing the latest database and electronic publishing software. The almanacs are published in three editions covering the coastal waters of the East and West Coasts of North America and the Caribbean. Virtually all commercial and recreational vessels are required to have or need to use tide and current tables, light lists, coastal piloting information, weather, communications and celestial data to navigate safely.

The company also publishes a nautcal reference book of permanent information, tables and graphs not needing annual updates. This includes the complete Inland and International Rules of the Road (required on board all vessels over 39 feet), as well as chapters on first aid, seamanship, navigation, and signaling, etc.

The Company believes there are a number of strategic opportunities available immediately to accelerate and sustain revenue and profitability growth for these existing tides.

  • Build New Customer Base and Increase Direct Retail Sales with Subscription Service

  • Build Advertising Revenue

  • Publish Private Branded Almanacs and License the Company's Navigational Database

  • Ideal Business For an Entrepreneur with Strong Marketing/Sales Skills

  • High Quality Additional for Marine Related Business or Publisher

The Business is located in the Northeast.

Please contact Brace F. Carpenter or Thomas J. Hawke at; (617) 742-7440 to receive a coofidentiality agreement and additional information.