Charter to the America’s Cup

The best berth in Bermuda during the 2017 Louis Vuitton series and America’s Cup will be on board a charter boat.

The schooner Bonnie Lynn and others are available for charter in Bermuda during the America’s Cup 2017. Nicholson Yachts Worldwide

Want the best berth of all in Bermuda during the 2017 Louis Vuitton series and America’s Cup? Sailboats managed by Nicholson Yachts Worldwide are among 50 boats that have been granted coveted VIP-flag spectator status and are part of a smaller fleet authorized to conduct charters during the two celebrated regattas.

Boats with the VIP flag are allowed access to a front-row view of the race course adjacent to the electronically defined boundary during the events. The Louis Vuitton series runs May 26 to June 16, and the America’s Cup runs from June 17 to June 27.

The Nicholson-managed Savarona, a 95-foot custom CNB; Marae, a 108-foot Alloy pilothouse sloop; Bonnie Lynn, a 72-foot schooner; and Emily Morgan, a 60-foot Bowman ketch, are available. Other perks on offer include access to opening ceremonies, exclusive parties, base tours, post-race press conferences, and various concierge and marina services.


For details about the boats, contact Nicholson at

For details about charter options during the event in general, contact a broker through the Cruising World online charter directory.


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