August 2006

From our August 2006 issue

Responsible bareboating, catching up with Godspeed, Dee Caffari’s solo record, books for taking care of people and pets at sea, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

Friendship, Tongan Style
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Lasting friendship awaits Wild Card and her crew on their return to Tonga, where they find their Star

Must Our Future Be Plastic?
Point of View by Mark Ward
A sailor pleads: Do your part to rid Earth’s oceans of plastic and trash


Inside to the Aegean
Under Way by Ernest Skublics
Long meanders through European inland waterways put this small-boat sailor in touch with many of his long-held dreams– and a few challenges, too

Aye for Auckland!
Passage Notes by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
What cruiser wouldn’t find Auckland, New Zealand, perfect?

And the Beet Goes On
People & Food by Diana Simon
Beets may not be the morsel you first crave while offshore, but after landfall, the purple-red vegetable satisfies your desires for fresh food


Regulators and Regularity
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
A festive night of potluck al fresco turns into a sweep for boat parts, calling into question the crew’s organizational peccadilloes


The Land of Smiles
It’s not a Hollywood dream–it’s Thailand, and its craggy coast of towering karst formations keep these vacationing sailors in a constant state of reality check
by Herb McCormick


The Bare Bones about Bareboats
Charter companies and brokers would be stymied if you didn’t ask a lot of questions, so by all means, do
by Elaine Lembo

Charter Address Book
Find details here for contacting more than a hundred companies and brokers serving dozens of different cruising grounds across the globe
by Kathy Gregory

From a Cruising Boat to Our Cruising Home
Yacht Style by Tere Batham
Adding personal touches to meet individual needs raises the quality of life aboard Sea Quest, a 47-foot Colin Child design, from barely tolerable to satisfyingly pleasurable



Play It Safe at Night
Seamanship by Niki Perryman
When navigation lights loom, take steps to minimize the chance of a collision

Headin’ for Honolulu…
Voyaging by Beth A. Leonard
On an 8,000-mile transpacific jaunt, their second leg starts with fickle winds but ends with a glorious nighttime sleigh ride down the ‘Alenuihaha Channel

Be Sure You’re Wired for Safety
Systems by Ed Sherman
Cut the risk of an electrical fire by installing correctly sized fuses or circuit breakers

The Three Lives of a Tandem
Living Aboard by Tere Batham
When running errands ashore, two wheels are better than four


A Collaborative Compact Cruiser
Boat Test by Jeremy McGeary
A modern version of the popular Catalina 30, the Catalina 309 will surely attract its own generation of loyal owners

Can You Say “Fast” in Croatian?
Boat Review by Nim Marsh
The swift Salona 45 is the first offering in the U.S. market from this Croatian builder

The Livin’ Is Easy
Boat Review by Nim Marsh
The South African-built St. Francis 50 is a catamaran meant for easy sailing and maintenance while on long ocean passages

Low Profile, High Return
Classic Plastic by Michel Savage
The Morgan 382 is a smart-looking cruiser without racing pretensions

A Stick-to-It Solution foor the Cruising Chef
New Products by Mark Pillsbury
Any cook in a rolling galley will goo for these suction-bottomed gadgets and a fridge with drawers. Plus: new gear for the navigator


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