Charter Discounts for US Sailing Members 

As part of a newly announced partnership, The Moorings will provide discounted rates on charters exclusively for US Sailing members.

Moorings charter sailboat
The Moorings has announced a partnership with US Sailing. Courtesy of the Moorings

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The Moorings, a leading charter company, has announced a partnership with US Sailing, the national governing body for sailing in the United States. The collaboration aims to bolster support for sailors and sailing organizations across the country.

As part of their commitment to promoting cruising and sailing worldwide, The Moorings will provide discounted rates on charters exclusively for US Sailing members. In addition, US Sailing Keelboat schools and students will receive an extra discount on their charters. To encourage more people to experience the thrill of sailing, US Sailing will offer four opportunities throughout the year for sailing community members to win their own charter.

US Sailing, also known as the United States Sailing Association, plays a vital role in leading, advancing, and maintaining the integrity of the sport in the United States. They offer comprehensive training and education programs for instructors and race officials, support various sailing organizations and communities, issue offshore rating certificates, and oversee competitive sailing events nationwide, including the prestigious National Championships and the US Sailing Team.

Alan Ostfield, CEO of US Sailing, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “US Sailing is proud to welcome The Moorings to our family of partners. Our primary goal is to introduce more people to the joy of being out on the water. With The Moorings’ exceptional charter services, both seasoned and inexperienced sailors can expect an unforgettable sailing adventure. We are thrilled to facilitate this opportunity for our members and the broader sailing community.”

Ian Pedersen, Senior Marketing Manager of The Moorings, shared his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “The Moorings is thrilled to partner with US Sailing and expand our efforts to promote sailing in the United States. Through this partnership, we aim to attract new audiences to the sailing community while strengthening the skills and confidence of existing sailors across the country. This will make charter vacations worldwide more accessible than ever. US Sailing is the perfect partner for this worthwhile mission.”

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