Greece: Treat Yourself to a Gastronomic Getaway

On this Cruising World Adventure Charter (September 12-28, 2008), renowned cookbook author Aglaia Kremezi will lead a private cooking class.


CW's Adventure Charter to Greece will stop at Mykonos (above) and other destinations within the Cyclades islands.Courtesy Greek National Tourism Organization

If you like awesome sailing, extraordinary food, and great drama, this voyage has it all. Like Odysseus of Greek mythology, we'll sail from one legendary island in the Cyclades, and one adventure, to another, visiting the exquisite Mykonos, Tinos, Santorini, Naxos, Ios, and more. We'll wander through spectacular white-washed villages; take walks through picturesque groves of two-century-old olive trees; sail past the dramatic Temple of Poseidon; and explore some of the most important historical sites in the world-Delos, the Sanctuary of Apollo, Point Sounian, and open-air amphitheaters that have hosted Greek dramas for a thousand years.

This charter is perfect for those who love to cook, and for those who love to eat wonderful, healthy food. In Kea we'll join award-winning and internationally renowned cookbook author Aglaia Kremezi in her own home, where she'll give us private cooking lessons and a Greek feast. We'll stroll along the waterfront tavernas with the tantalizing aromas of lamb kebabs, fresh fish, and Greek delicacies roasting over hot coals; then give in to the passions of Greek dancing under the stars. This is the sailing voyage of a lifetime, and one of the best values we've ever offerered.

The price of $4,050 (per person, double occupancy, subject to airfare increases) includes round-trip air fare from New York; cocktail parties and dinners; two nights Athens hotel; partial provisions; guided tours; lead boat with CW flotilla leaders and professional skipper; 13 days on 46- or 50-foot Bavaria yachts. Choose boat with captain, skipper your own; or we have great success putting like-minded charterers together. Singles are welcome.

For more on sailing in Greece, see "A Glance At The Greek Isles."

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