July 2005


edited by David W. Shaw
An excursion to grand British Columbia, rendezvous at Santa Catalina, Gulf Stream tragedy, Jimmy Cornell’s Letter from Aventura, and more

Stupid Things I’ve Done
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
This brief accounting of the stupid things he’s done in 30 years of cruising only begins to scratch the surface

Quite the Rally Ride
Passage Notes by Paul Clancy
From Norfolk to the Virgin Islands, the 15th annual running of the Caribbean 1500 provided company for 43 boatloads of sailors bound for the islands


Fishful Thinking
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
The line between predator and prey grows ever finer when you’re 30 feet below the surface


Harbors of Light
by Paul Rezendes
Big film and a fast shutter are the tools this pro photographer uses to capture his signature look at New England cruising grounds


Travels with Peat
by Thies Matzen
To cruise the Falkland Islands, where wind is the landscape’s most dominant feature, a good cabin heater, a springy anchor snubber, and a trusty set of storm sails could be your best friends

Baja Brouhaha
by Captains Pat and John E. Rains
Will the proposed Nautical Stairway from Ensenada to Puerto Vallarta be the cruising community’s biggest boon or Mexico’s biggest boondoggle?

The Return of a Maverick
Yacht Style by Jeremy McGeary
As brash as he is bright, Bill Stevens is back–this time, with a 53-footer that bears his name. Now, as before, it’s impossible not to take notice



Ship Without a Rudder
Seamanship by Herb McCormick
If steering loss is something every sailor must be prepared to face, this sailor was happy it happened when it did

This One’s for Lucas
Electrical Systems by Ed Sherman
A tragic 1999 incident underscores the need for a well-designed grounding system aboard every boat


Wired for Sound
Systems by Webb Chiles
Recent strides in music-delivery technology bring top-notch fidelity and low power consumption to a modest voyaging boat

Of Cotter Pins and Rigging Tape
Standing Rigging by Bill Seifert
A longtime refit expert looks at simple practices to keep the rig aloft and in trim


Splitting the Difference
Boat Test by Alvah Simon
The Beneteau First 44.7, designed by Bruce Farr, finds the sweet spot between cruisy racer and racy cruiser

Bella Italia
Boat Review by Alvah Simon
An Italian passion for style and speed defines the Grand Soleil 50

Consummate and Canadian
Classic Plastic by Liz Shaw
After more than 0 years, the C&C 29 Mark II stands as an icon of the cruiser/racer class

Newfangled Tried-and-True
New Products by David W. Shaw
Maybe there’s nothing new under the sun, but these innovative gadgets are certainly new twists on well-tested themes


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