June 2006

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Trinidad’s sister island, a tale of a killer whale, a new clearance challenge in Bonaire, a Middle East rally, a boatbuilding heritage preserved, and a serious sailor for a centennial offshore race
edited by Elaine Lembo

Sailing Beyond War
Under Way by Angus Phillips
Free dockage and pastries served up at the transom are ways that villagers from Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian coast show their enthusiasm for the presence of vacationing sailors

Building on His Past
Sailor Profile by Herb McCormick
Once a competitive sailor, Australian boatbuilder Richard Ward is now focused on selling Seawind Catamarans in the United States


Waypoint to the Spanish Main
Passage Notes by Jeremy McGeary
St. Augustine, Florida, welcomes cruisers by offering a protected harbor and great facilities

The Secret’s Out on Skipjack
People and Food by Janna Cawrse
Served as sushi, the skipjack inspires a following of its own

Cockfight at the Fuerte Corral
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
At the cockfights, it’s not just the roosters fighting beak to beak–their owners are living out unspoken battles of their own



A Gamble Dam Well Worth Taking
by Stanley Smith
Sailing on Lake Mead, an ocean cruiser learns that the freshwater folk on this four-boat flotilla are cut from the same cloth as those who’ve tasted salt

South Pacific Love Affair
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
When the crew of Wild Card realizes they’re down to five drinkable gallons of the elixir of life, finding a midocean watering hole takes on new urgency


A New Breed of Cruiser
by Tim Murphy
Yacht Style: One of the year’s most fascinating custom cruising yachts, the Kanter Bougainvillaea 65 is a vessel that challenges convention and deserves its 2006 Boat of the Year award

The ARC Goes Platinum
by Mark Pillsbury
On the 20th-anniversary run of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, Mother Nature issued to the 224-boat fleet a variety of memos emphasizing that she’s very much in charge



Flirting with the Hurricanes
Seamanship by Myron Arms
Monstrous systems will threaten–we just won’t know when and where

Prepare for a Blow
Storm Safety by Bruce Bingham
A frantic 2005 season provides lessons for riding out a hurricane

Dinghy Hoist Made Easy
Projects by Michael Batham
A dedicated halyard and spare whisker pole will easily get your dinghy out of the water

New Wind Scoop? That’s Cool
Living Aboard by Kate O’Neil
A couple of cruisers devise a better way to keep the heat and bugs at bay


At Home with Speed
Boat Test by Nim Marsh
Equipped with the systems and conveniences of a house, the Hunter 41 Deck Saloon is equally capable of harnessing the wind

Set for Two-Couple Cruising
Boat Review by Jeremy McGeary
Introduced as part of a line of racer/cruisers, the raised-saloon Elan Impression 384, designed by Rob Humphreys, tilts the balance toward cruising

All Decked Out
Boat Review by Herb McCormick
The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42 DS is the latest and smallest of the French production builder’s deck-saloon offerings

Competent and Comfortable
Classic Plastic by Suzanne Giesemann
Built to carry owners and charterers around the Caribbean and beyond, the Morgan 46 remains an excellent offshore cruiser

A Maine-iac’s Better Dodger
New Products by Mark Pillsbury
An improved frame for canvas work, LEDs for sailing in a new light, gear and gadgets for the crew and boat, and more


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