November 2005


November 2, 2005

Edited by Elaine Lembo
Solo sailors, now and before; days of wine and windships; a delicate bay; Jimmy Cornell on Saint Helena; and more

On Saviors and Salvors
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
If there’s any good in hurricanes, it’s that they blow the color right off peoples’ skin

Barge Folk
Passage Notes by Ann Hoffner
At Fanning island, a discarded cargo barge proves the unlikely altar for a community of waterborne wanderers


Sandy Shoals, Sumptuous Pie
People & Food by LaDonna Bubak
November in the California Delta is the perfect time and place for scrumptious pumpkin pie

Predator and Pray
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
He can’t follow the prevailing shark-avoidance advice–avoid carrying dead fish and swimming in murky water and hanging around drop-offs–and still go hunting



The Hard Way
by Derek Lundy
What Cape Horn withholds can be every bit as impressive as what it unleashes–and the visitor there needs to be prepared for both

It’s Different in the Delta
by LaDonna Bubak
Upstream from San Francisco Bay, there’s a slew of slow and twisting backwaters beckoning water rats to come and dig around

Bound by Tradition
Yacht Style by Jeremy McGeary
As the Morris Yachts baton is passed from father to son, we check in with this Down East yard that’s growing in reputation and real estate


The Perfect Wave
Electronics 2006 by Ed Sherman
We gather today’s most advanced marine inverters and run them through our exclusive battery of tests


Electronics 2006: The Next Big Bang
Electronics Roundup by Tim Murphy
Dramatic improvement in digital storage capacity and an entirely new navigation system set the stage for the year’s latest electronics


The Best of Both Worlds
Boat Test by Dieter Loibner
The Bruckmann 50 is a motorsailer that may force you to revise your most deeply held prejudices

Sassy Little Sister
Boat Review by Alvah Simon
The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49 DS brings the styling of Philippe Briand’s recent 54 DS into a package that’s easier to manage


Making Friends with Pilings and Seawalls
Seamanship by Scott Bannerot
If you spend your boathandling attention on trying to stay away from docks and pilings, perhaps it’s time to rethink your technique

Flooring Bright and Beautiful
Upgrade by Ken Textor
A new sole provided his aging production sailboat a young new look

Portable Tanks for Potable Water
Projects by Ken Textor
Removable tankage solves several onboard drinking-water problems

Two Chains on a Single Capstan
Step-by-Step Refit by Michael Batham
The seamanlike answer to the foredeck was a single windlass that could accommodate two working anchor rodes


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