Sunsail, The Moorings Announce Partnership with Dufour Yachts

Dufour Yachts will become the exclusive supplier of monohull sailing yachts for Sunsail and The Moorings.
Dufour 44 partnership with Sunsail
The new Dufour 44 will become the Sunsail 44.3 and Sunsail 44.4 under the new partnership with Sunsail and The Moorings. Courtesy Sunsail/The Moorings

International yacht sales and charter companies Sunsail and The Moorings announced a new partnership with French sailing yacht manufacturer Dufour Yachts, who has been evolving its range for more than 50 years. The new partnership cements a long-term collaboration which will see Dufour Yachts become the exclusive supplier of monohull sailing yachts for Sunsail and The Moorings.

The technical departments of both Sunsail and The Moorings have worked alongside Dufour Yachts to ensure that the new Dufour products will be well positioned to meet the needs of its customer base. Sunsail anticipates the arrival of its first batch of 25 Dufour Yachts in the spring of 2024 for its Mediterranean destinations. This will include four models between 37 and 53 feet, including the Dufour 37 (Sunsail 37.3), the Dufour 41 (Sunsail 41.3), the new Dufour 44 (Sunsail 44.3 and Sunsail 44.4) and the Dufour 530 (Sunsail 53.5). The second and larger order will be manufactured in the fall of 2024 for the Caribbean winter season (2024-2025), and for the Mediterranean 2025 season for both The Moorings and Sunsail. 

Offering a luxury range of sailing yachts with a modern design, sleek deck layout and superior quality finishes, the Dufour brand is known for its ease of sailing, stability and performance.  

“We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Dufour Yachts, for all new monohulls arriving as part of our charter fleets,” said Franck Bauguil, VP of Yacht Ownership and Product Development for The Moorings and Sunsail. “We are looking forward to a long-term partnership and a high level of collaboration, that has already started on the new Dufour products. There is a natural convergence between our companies concerning product design, interior layouts, equipment levels and setting the stage for an unparalleled charter experience.”

Franck Bauguil and Romain Motteau
Franck Bauguil (left) and Romain Motteau (right) at the official announcement press conference Courtesy Sunsail/The Moorings

Romain Motteau, Deputy CEO at Fountaine Pajot/Dufour Yachts Group, added: “We are delighted with this new partnership, built upon a shared long-term vision. At Dufour Yachts, we strive to design yachts that cater to the evolving demands of yacht owners and charterers seeking dream holidays. Our three core pillars of comfort, sailing sensations and respect for the oceans align perfectly with the ethos of Sunsail and The Moorings.”  

The new Dufour Yachts will be available through Sunsail and The Moorings’ Yacht Ownership Programs, as a unique option for those who are interested in yacht ownership but are limited in leisure time or by budget. The program guarantees a steady monthly income or reduced purchase price, while allowing ample sailing opportunities throughout the year,   access to an array of global destinations, and eliminating the typical operating, insurance and maintenance expenses associated with boat ownership.

“I want to thank the senior team of the Dufour Group, Romain Motteau, Steven Guedeu and Laurent Fabre in the USA, for making the process easy and pleasant,” said Bauguil. “Special thanks to the Dufour Team, Nicolas Berenger and Romain Lucas, for their expertise and willingness to listen. My appreciation goes to my dedicated team members, Antony Wighting, Global Technical Director for Travelopia Yachts, and John Lefevre, our Global Purchasing and Logistics Manager, for their unwavering dedication throughout this process.”  

Dufour Yachts at a boat show
Dufour Yachts is set to become the the exclusive supplier of monohull sailing yachts for Sunsail and The Moorings. Courtesy Sunsail/The Moorings

More About Yacht Ownership with Sunsail and The Moorings

In addition to an extensive variety of cruising vacations, Sunsail and The Moorings’ Yacht Ownership Program has worked with more than 5,000 owners since its creation in 1971. With a fleet of yachts covering more than 20 destinations worldwide, it remains the only program of its kind to guarantee a monthly income, according to a company spokesperson. The program aims to help cruisers of all abilities, from first-time adventurers to seasoned sailors, spend more time on the water enjoying the best parts of owning a boat.