November 2006

From our November 2006 issue

New lessons from ancient ships, revival comes to St. Thomas’ Yacht Haven, nighttime “racing,” good books, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

A Mighty Wind
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
For crews in search of harmony aboard, “Yes, dear” works best

A Return to the Med
Letter from Aventura by Jimmy Cornell
Seafarers will find some changes for the goood on Gibraltar, the gateway between the Atlantic and the Med


Bonding in the Boatyard
Passage Notes by Pnina Greenstein
Repairs in a Columbian boatyard help build new friendships

You Can Go Home Again
People and Food by Lynda Morris Childress
Pleasant memories of a sojourn in Greece are intensified by the breakfast fare served on charter

Kuna Pride
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon



Ah, Wilderness!
Summer cruisers in Glacier Bay seek out the retreating Alaskan glaciers and revel in their mammoth beauty
by Tom Zydler

The Merry Wives of the Windwards
A shoulder-season charter in the Caribbean’s southern Grenadines means fewer crowds and more time to scope out tropical deals and pirate booty
by Elaine Lembo


Requiem for a Mariner
Yacht Style by Herb McCormick
Classic boats held seacoast romantic Bob Tiedemann in the clutch throughout his too-short life, and now his legacy carries a timeless hold over Newport, Rhode Island

At the Mercy of the Sea
Hurricane Lenny reaches full force and tragically twists the outcome aboard three separate sailboats, in the concluding part of this condensed version of the author’s book
by John Kretschmer



A Compass (Still) Saves the Day
Seamanship by Joseph Huberman
Fog, current, and GPS conspire to confound this sailor bound for Cape Cod Canal

Practice Up for Fog and Current
Navigation by Jeremy McGeary
Don’t lose your bearings: Use the shipboard tools around you

Confessions of a Steel Worker
Projects by Alvah Simon
Grinding, brushing, and sandblasting are all in a day’s work when it comes to this refit job

Take Charge of DC Systems
Monthly Maintenance by Steve D’Antonio
An alternator should deliver thousands of hours of service


The Queen of the Fleet
Boat Test by Mark Pillsbury
A ride aboard the new Hunter 49 with Steve Pettengill proves it’s more than a pretty hull

A Sporty French Cat
Boat Review by Jeremy McGeary
The Nautitech 40, with clean-cut lines above and a simple layout below, is a cat that will make both charterers and liveaboards purr

A Real-World Cruiser
Boat Review by Suzanne Giesemann
It’s the Swedish builder’s smallest center-cockpit design, but the Hallberg-Rassy 37 scores big in comfort and offshore performance

Rare Bird of Passage
Classic Plastic by Evelene Galardo
The Nor’West 33, a little known racer/cruiser designed by Chuck Burns, is an attractive, nimble craft with a nicely proportioned rig

Comparing Today’s Smart Charts
Electronics by Captain Chris Kelly
Electronic charts offer a breadth of detail, from aerial-photo overlays to blinking buoys

Dual-Function Rescue System
New Products by Andrew Burton
A man-overboard device acts as a cradle and a ladder; plus compact flashlights, patch kits, marine antennas, and more


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