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It's the real thing-for kiteboarders, surfers, and stand-up paddleboarders who love to sail, too. "Charter Briefing" for our May 29, 2009, CW Reckonings

May 28, 2009

On a Real B.V.I. Adventure, charterers hop from island to island, learning to kiteboard, surf, and stand-up paddleboard.

On a Real B.V.I. Adventure, charterers hop from island to island, learning to kiteboard, surf, and stand-up paddleboard. Real Watersports

How can it be that Real Watersports and the Moorings are teaming up for the fifth Real B.V.I. Adventure in January 2010 and I’m only finding out about it now? Clearly I’m uninformed, but thanks go to David Rohr, product manager with the Moorings, for filling the gaps and shedding light on this fun-filled, active flotilla.

First, the facts: Trip Forman is the co-founder and vice president of Real Watersports, a Cape Hatteras, North Carolina-based company that offers instruction and equipment in kiteboarding, surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding sports. As a child, Trip had experienced sailboat chartering with the Moorings-that wonderful time in your life when you are taken, along with the hard candies and the Off!, for the annual family vacation no matter what it involves. We don’t know what became of the hard candies and the Off!, but clearly the water part stuck with Trip. When Real Watersports decided to choose a company to supply the yacht charter platform for their trifecta of aqua activities, it felt natural to him to go with the Moorings.

Five years later, from January 15 to 24, 2010, the happy marriage continues with the special fifth year anniversary edition of the flotilla. “It’s a great example of two companies with individual strengths coming together to offer something greater, unique and memorable,” says David. “Nothing beats the feeling the guests get from riding their first wave, or from just relaxing and doing what you want to do among a group of great people.”


Basically, the itinerary takes participants from anchorage to anchorage in the British Virgin Islands aboard Moorings sail and/or power catamarans. For details about the trip, I consulted with Real team manager and coach Jason Slezak, who’s been a leader with the event since its inception and will be there in 2010.

CW: What is the daily itinerary?
JS: During the Real B.V.I. trips we have an itinerary taking us through a majority of the islands in the territory. We modify this itinerary based on weather conditions, keeping in mind our goal of being at the best spots for kiteboarding, surfing, or stand-up paddleboarding on every day of the trip.
CW: How does this work logistically? Sail, drop anchor, kite surf?
JS: Although we’ve had monohulls on some of our original trips, we’ve found that crewed power and sailing catamarans are much more practical for our purposes. The open space provided by the tramp on the bows allows for gear storage and also provides a stable platform for rigging boards, kites, etc. Typically we cruise to the chosen spot, drop anchor, and partake in the sport for which the conditions are best.
CW: Are the kites and boards then loaded back aboard?
JS: Yes, in between sessions (for lunch, water breaks, naps, etc.) the kites and boards can float in the water off the stern of the boats. Before we weigh anchor and move to a mooring field/anchorage for the evening, the kites and boards are packed and secured to the trampoline or lifelines near the bows while under way.
CW: How many times a day do you do this?
JS: We usually try to stay focused around one or two spots a day at most. But, with that said, there are sometimes as many as five or six sessions that can happen on the water on any given day. For example, a day might go like this: morning sail to chosen spot, early surf session, late morning standup paddle session, pre-lunch kite surf session, lunch, nap, post-nap kite surf session, evening stand-up paddle/surf session, sail to evening mooring field/anchorage.
CW: Do the boats come with captain and crew? Captain only? Bareboat?
JS: The majority of our clients charter crewed yachts to maximize their time on the water. However, some of our clients with more experience sailing choose to bareboat.
CW: Is the charter a week or 10 days?
JS: The 5th annual Real B.V.I. is a 10-day trip. If clients are unable to block out 10 days of vacation, then they may choose to book their charter for only 7 days.
CW: What about provisioning?
JS: Provisioning can be done through the services that the Moorings offers, or the more adventurous can provision their boats on their own when they arrive in Road Town, Tortola, near the charter base.

For more details, contact Real ( To watch the trip video, log on to YouTube.


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