Sail French Polynesia on Cruising World's Adventure Charter to the Society Islands

Join CW partners Peter and Carol King in French Polynesia for outrigger canoe races, black pearls, and more.


A satisfied CW adventure charterer shows his loyalty atop the highets peak on Maupiti, French Polynesia.Elaine Lembo

Outrigger canoe races. Trays of just-harvested vanilla beans. Black pearls pulled straight from the nacre. A drink at Bloody Mary's, after a successful transit of Teavanui Pass in the reef encircling Bora Bora-no sailor should pass up these bonus features of a charter through the leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia.

Here's your chance: Cruising World Adventure Charters presents this signature flotilla, one of its most popular, from May 10 to 22, 2008. Join CW partners Peter and Carol King for this sailing trip of a lifetime.

For more on sailing the Society Islands, read "Sinning and Grinning Through French Polynesia."

For details on the upcoming trip, log on to the King Yacht Charters website,