September 2006 Table of Contents

From our September 2006 issue

August 15, 2006

Living large on tiny Palmyra Atooll, sailing and talking in Portuguese, a cruising-boat design contest, Internet telephones, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

Volcanic Moonscapes
Letter from Aventura by Jimmy Cornelll
On the dry, volcanic Canary Island of Lanzarote, sailors feel the hot winds of Africa on their backs and the fire of the devil under their feet

Leaving Maule Lake
Short Story by Melanie Neale
Nothing forges new relationships among a marina’s denizens like a barrage of eviction notices


The Zen of Sailing
Under Way by Kevin Derr
When a young trucker hitches to a beat-up trailer-sailer with a past, it calls for a notable name

The Three Ds of Cruising
Passage Notes by Beth A. Leonard
The Bluewater Cruising Association offers step-by-step help for turning sailing dreams into stellar memories

Always on Sunday
People & Food by Katya Gordon
The big moments in one cruising family’s life are charted in their special pizza dinners


Working Sails
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
Cruisers trade sailcloth, hanks of line, and boltrope in their mutually beneficial exchange with the Kuna people of the San Blas islands


A Merry, Movable Feast
The Baja Ha-Ha on the U.S. West Coast is part cruising rally, part raucous romp
by Herb McCormick


Tackling the Mighty Amazon
Egged on by tales of danger, a young couple encounters a sweet-water cruising ground virtually untouched by visitors
by Alexandra Mayer

Trading New Zealand for a Feast in Fiji
The reward for leaving the fun-loving Kiwis is a warm and meaningful visit at the end of the passage to Viti Levu, Fiji
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Storm Clouds South
A New England sailor cruising the ICW for the first time rises to the challenge of late-fall gales
by David Shaw


A Hawk on the Hunt
Yacht Style by Ralph Naranjo
Classic good looks belie the modern construction that keeps Goshawk, built by the Broooklin Boat Yard, in the hunt as cruiser and racer


Little Things That Make Sailing Easier
Seamanship by John Harries
A cruising couple finds that small improvements make a big difference

Scrubbing Up, in the Water
Projects by Carolyn Shearlock
If the engine’s heating up and the boat’s bogging down, it may be time to clean the bottom

Keep Your Engine Purring
Monthly Maintenance by Steve D’Antonio
A sailboat’s motor benefits from a regimen of routine care

Pacific-Passage Pleasures
Voyaging by Beth A. Leonard
The crew realize how much they’re in tune with each other as well as with the sea

Cash and Cruising
Living Aboard by Lin Pardey
Know when cash is best and when it’s time to pull out checks or credit cards


Livin’ Large on the Open Seas
Boat Test by Jeremy McGeary
The Dufour 455 is a testament to comfortable design built via modern construction

Total Eclipse of the Butterflies
Boat Review by Nim Marsh
The Caliber 47 Long-Range Cruiser is a boat with ambitions to go far beyond the dock

Into the Broadblue Yonder
Boat Review by Nim Marsh
The saucy Broadblue 435 is a cat built to stringent standards for ocean crossings

Bluewater Beaty
Classic Plastic by Kristy Walson
The Seawind II, built by Allied, performs admirably in heavy weather and light air

Focus Those Eyes in the Dark
Electronics by Captain Chris Kelly
Often it takes just an extra keystroke or two to activate radar collision-avoidance tools


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