We’re Listening to You

Tell us what amenities and services you want included in the Charter Address Book in the August 2011 issue of Cruising World.

Charter Boats

The picture says it all, doesn’t it? You’re aboard a great-sailing, comfortable, and well-appointed bareboat swinging gently on a mooring in a wonderful tropical setting.

Now set the way-back dial of your clock. What did it take to get from A to B, from the idea to go sailing in the first place to the prize—that idyllic anchorage? What logistics were involved? How many questions arose as you planned the most perfect bareboat vacation ever?

What do you wish you knew before you took this trip?

I'm asking this because for years, CW staffer Kathy Gregory has painstakingly canvassed hundreds of charter companies and organizes the raw data they supply about fleets and bases. Kathy and I work together on this project, which results in the Address Book that's published annually in the August issue.

Currently, details tell readers about companies’ types of boats—mono and/or multihulls; if crewed charters or crew are available; if provisioning service is offered; if grocery and liquor stores exist nearby; whether or not restaurants and hotels are nearby; if sleep-aboards the night before the charter starts are offered and if there’s a charge; and last, if there’s internet available at base.

What are we missing? Tell us any other details you'd like to know. Send them directly to me (elaine.lembo@cruisingworld.com) or post a comment in the box below.