Crew wanted for a Whale of a Time

This fall, an intrepid band of adventurers will head to far northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle to spend a season with the Orcas.

Some of the more spectacular parts of Norway will be covered on the way. Here, Barba approaches the national mountain, Stetind.Jon Grantangen

Are you up for an adventure? The Norwegian sailing yacht Barba is once again getting ready to set sail, this time to spend the winter north of the Arctic Circle documenting whales.

The expedition is organized by me, Andreas B. Heide, Barba’s owner, and fellow Norwegian adventurer, Kari Scibevåg. I’m a marine biologist and ocean enthusiast who has lead numerous expeditions to the arctic, including sailing Barba to 81 degrees north, into the pack ice surrounding the North Pole. Scibevåg is second in command. She has dominated the sports of skiing and kite surfing for a decade, and is a world champion at both.

The trip will be an extended version of the previous season’s, when three weeks were spent documenting whales in Northern Norway. Barba will depart in October, transiting a greater part of the spectacular Norwegian coast. Once in Northern Norway, we plan on studying whales from November to February. March and April will be spent sailing, skiing and exploring the remote northern wilderness.

Team Barba is currently reaching out to get volunteer crew to join us for both short and longer legs of the trip. Competent sailors and videographers are of special interest. Needless to say, you’ll need to be rather adventurous to join our ranks. Additionally, any other supporters and sponsors wanting to help tell the story of the whales would be welcomed onboard. Additional information, including details on how to join us can be found at

Check out photos from their past adventures!

Barba sets sail in early October, commencing with a transit along the Norwegian coast. Here at the western most point of Norway is the island of Utvæ
A wide range of activities, such as diving on the World War II wreck of Frankenwald, will keep us busy along the
Fishing also ranks high among onboard activities, as does hiking, climbing and
At some point it will start to get rather dark. In the end of November, the sun sets for good, only to rise again in mid
Naturally, some sailing is
To make up for the ample darkness, unspoiled nature surrounds us on a massive scale in locations such as Lofoten,
A wide range of skills is required to keep Barba afloat. Our very own French baker, Robinson forms part of the rotating
Barba abounds with cozy living quarters, and occasionally coffee is served in
The Barba family rests in port. It´s warm inside, even
In Senja, Norway, Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are a frequent sight when sailing in the winter.Kari Schibevåg
A curious humpback whale plays next to Barba.Marco Schulenburg
Barba crewmember Tony Wu approaches an orca bull.Thomas Kleiven
Kari Schibevåg snaps a selfie in Senja,
Ski and sail, in the Trollfjord, Northern