Cruise the Isla del Encanto

Edition 1.3 of A Cruising Guide to Puerto Rico is now available.

Puerto Rico

Download the free_ A Cruising Guide to Puerto Rico_ by Frank Virgintino at The cruising guide has been officially endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, the island's official tourism center, and this latest edition opens with a welcoming letter from the organization.

Executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company Mario González-LaFuente extols Puerto Rico as "the perfect port for a nautical vacation," noting the island's unique cultural heritage, its 500 years of history exemplified in its numerous historic sites, its fabled white sand beachs, adventure opportunities galore, gourmet cuisine, and exciting nightlife. All of this and more is highlighted in A Cruising Guide to Puerto Rico 1.3 as seen through the lens of experienced cruiser and author, Frank Virgintino, who wrote the guide to assist cruisers in planning their cruising adventure and making it the experience of a lifetime and Puerto Rico a worthy repeat destination.

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