Cruising Miami to the Bahamas

For CW associate editor Jen Brett, a February sojourn to the Bahamas on a new Nautitech 542 catamaran offered a respite from the New England snow.

Nautitech 542
The Nautitech 542, Greenboat 1, at Strictly Sail Miami, February 2013.David Gillespie
Nautitech 542 at the Miami boat show
Greenboat 1, a Nautitech 542, at the Miami boat show. The iconic Freedom Tower is lit in red in the background.David Gillespie
Leaving Miami
Leaving the Port of Miami- heading to the Bahamas!David Gillespie
Leaving Miami behind
Captain Jesse Brett and first mate Amanda are at the helm as we leave Miami in our wake.Jen Brett
Route planning
Captain Jesse Brett plans our route to the Bahamas.Jen Brett
Crossing the Gulf Stream
Splashing across the Gulf Stream.Jen Brett
Crew member, and CW ad sales rep, David Gillespie plots our position on the chart.Jen Brett
Bahamas Northwest Channel marker
A classic "marker" in the Bahamas. Can't see it? There's a piling - what's left of the Northwest Channel Light - in the middle of the picture that marks the reef as you get off of the Great Bahama Banks and approach the Berry Islands.Jen Brett
Crew mate James Finan has fish filet duty. This lovely mahi-mahi was our first sizable catch, which happened just as we reached deeper water off of the Bahama Banks.Jen Brett
Sunset Green Cay
A gorgeous sunset for our first night at anchor off of tiny Green Cay, which lies just north of Rose Island, near Nassau.Jen Brett
Captain Ron
What could be better than watching Captain Ron projected onto a big screen in the cockpit?Jen Brett
Morning view through the port
My morning view from my aft cabin. Just lovely!Jen Brett
Breakfast aboard
Crew mate Jacob Rocker whips up a fine breakfast.Jen Brett
Jen Brett sailing
Jen Brett (that's me!) enjoying a fine day under way to the Exumas.James Finan
Bahamas cruising
David and Jacob chat on the foredeck en route to the Exumas.Jen Brett
David crossing Yellow Bank
David and James spot coral heads while crossing the Yellow Bank.Jen Brett
Jacob napping trampoline
Jacob finds the perfect napping spot.Jen Brett
Trampoline jumping
James showing off his acrobatic side-- they're not called tampolines for nothing!David Gillespie
Cruising boats anchored at Norman's Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
Cruising boats anchored off Norman's Cay, Exumas, Bahamas.David Gillespie
Ribs on the grill at Normans Cay
Jen, Amanda, Jesse, and Jacob enjoy ribs off the grill while anchored at Norman's Cay, Exumas, Bahamas.David Gillespie
Approaching George Town, Bahamas
Amanda and Jacob help to spot our way through Elizabeth Harbour to George Town, Bahamas.Jen Brett
George Town, Bahamas
A church in George Town, Bahamas.David Gillespie
View from George Town, Bahamas
Gorgeous view from George Town, Bahamas.David Gillespie
Eddie's Edgewater, George Town, Bahamas
Eddie's Edgewater, George Town, Bahamas, is a great place to hear Bahamian music.David Gillespie
George Town, Bahamas
Where to next?David Gillespie
Dinghy dock in George Town, Bahamas
The dinghy dock behind the Exuma Market is a popular meeting place for cruisers in George Town.Jen Brett
George Town, Bahamas
A perfect day in George Town, Bahamas.David Gillespie