Cruising World authors Win Big

Congratulations to the many Cruising World editors and contributors recognized by the annual Boating Writers International awards

February 12, 2016

A number of top awards handed out during the Boating Writers International’s 23rd annual awards breakfast at the Miami International Boat Show went to Cruising World editors and contributors this year. In all, the contest attracted 127 participants who submitted 322 entries, all of which appeared in 2015, in 15 categories. The top three writers in each won cash awards totaling $15,000.

The magazine did particularly well in the Boating Travel or Destinations category, sponsored by the Martin Flory Group, sweeping the top three prizes plus a certificate of merit. First place went to “Hung Up on Hongs” by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander, which appeared in the November issue. “An Accidental Paradise” by Ben Zartman, which appeared in May, took second. Third place went to “It Is Windy, No?” published in August, by executive editor Herb McCormick. Of the first place entry judge Mike Sciulla said, “The author transforms a journey to and through Thailand’s watery caves – literally pools located inside an island – into a richly nuanced meaning of life tale. At the heart of this piece is a thoughtful story about friendship, hardship and the joys of chucking it all replete with a masterful use of the English language and some great photography.” A Certificate of Merit went to Darrell Nicholson for his “Seeking Higher Ground” story, which appeared in June.

Boating Lifestyles, sponsored by Discover Boating, was another good category for CW authors. First place went to “The Transition” by Lin Pardey, published in October, and second place went to “Very Big Passages, Very Little Kids” by Mike Litzow in May. Of the first place entry, judge Charles Fort said, “A bittersweet story that everyone who’s ever been In love with a boat will face when it comes time to find a new owner for her.”


“Getting Connected” by Green Brett, which appeared in May, earned a Certificate of Merit in Gear, Electronics & Product Tests, sponsored by Xantrex and Schneider Electric.

CW‘s Herb McCormic took third place in Boating Columns, sponsored by KVH Industries, for his “Off Watch” series of articles, and Cap’n Fatty Goodlander earned a Certificate of Merit for his “On Watch” columns.

In Boat/Engine Care and Maintenance, sponsored by Interlux Yacht Finishes, CW contributor Ralph Naranjo won a Certificate of Merit for an April story titled “Slip ‘n’ Slide.”


“Voyages of a Forgotten Hero” by Thies Matzen, which appeared in the January issue, won second place in Boating Profiles, sponsored by ZF Marine. CW contributor Mike Litzow earned a Certificate of Merit in the Seamanship, Rescue & Safety category, sponsored by Sea Tow Services International, for his story “Anchor Like a Voyager,” which appeared in November.”

Certificates of Merit in the Boating Adventures category, sponsored by Yamaha Marine Group, went to “The (Not So) Great Circle Route” by Herb McCormick, which ran in October, “The Best Yet” by Elaine Lembo, published in March, and “From Fallujah to Fiji” by Ronnie Simpson, that ran in November.

Congratulations to Cruising World‘s winning authors, also those of our sister publications, Sailing World, Yachting and Boating.


Boating Travel or Destinations

Sponsored by Martin Flory Group

1st place, “Hung Up on Hongs” by Fatty Goodlander (Cruising World, Nov.)
2nd place, “An Accidental Paradise” by Ben Zartman (Cruising World, May)
3rd place, “Is It Windy, No?” by Herb McCormick (Cruising World, Aug.)
Certificate of Merit Awards: “Into Antarctica” by Kim Kavin (Yachting, Aug)
“Seeking Higher Ground” by Darrell Nicholson (Cruising World, June)

Gear, Electronics & Product Tests

Sponsored by Xantrex/Schneider Electric


2nd, “The Halo Effect” by David Schmidt (Yachting, Aug.)
3rd, “Single vs. Twins” by John Page Williams (Boating, Oct.)
Merit certificate: “Getting Connected” by Green Brett (Cruising World, May)

Boating Columns

Sponsored by KVH Industries, Inc.

2nd, “Editor’s Letter” by Patrick Sciacca (Yachting)
3rd “Off Watch” by Herb McCormick (Cruising World)
Certificate of Merit: “On Watch” by Fatty Goodlander (Cruising World)

Boat/Engine Care and Maintenance

Sponsored by Interlux Yacht Finishes

Merit Awards to: “Slip ‘n’ Slide” by Ralph Naranjo (Cruising World, April)
“Spin Doctors” by Vincent Daniello (Boating, May)

Boating Profiles

Sponsored by ZF Marine

2nd, “Voyages of a Forgotten Hero” by Thies Matzen (Cruising World, Jan.)

Seamanship, Rescue & Safety

Sponsored by Sea Tow Services International

Certificates of Merit: “Anchor Like a Voyager” by Mike Litzow (Cruising World, Nov.)

Boating Adventures

Sponsored by Yamaha Marine Group

1st, “Frontier Foray” by David Schmidt (Sailing World, Sept.)
“Frontier,” says judge Bob Duthie, is “An exciting account of a small boat race through some of the most beautiful yet dangerous waters in North America. This well written story really brings the adventure to life.”
Merit: “The (Not So) Great Circle Route” by Herb McCormick (Cruising World, Oct.)
“The Best Yet” by Elaine Lembo (Cruising World, March)
“From Fallujah to Fiji” by Ronnie Simpson (Cruising World, Nov.)

Boating Lifestyles

Sponsored by Discover Boating

1st, “The Transition” by Lin Pardey (Cruising World, Oct.)
2nd, “Very Big Passages, Very Little Kids” by Mike Litzow (Cruising World, May)
Of the first place entry, judge Charles Fort said, “A bittersweet story that everyone who’s ever been In love with a boat will face when it comes time to find a new owner for her.”

Boat Projects, Renovations & Retrofits

Sponsored by Awlgrip North America

1st, “Never Wax Your Boat Again” by Kevin Falvey (Boating, Nov.)

Boating Issues, News and Analysis

Sponsored by Mercury Marine

2nd, “All Hail the Green Machine” by Vincent Daniello (Boating, April)


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