Cruising World Writers Score Big

CW authors nabbed 11 prizes at the annual Boating Writers International awards.
Cruising World Writers Score Big Wanda Kenton Smith

At their annual meeting during the Miami International Boat Show, Boating Writers International announced the winners of the Best Boating Journalism and Imaging Awards. Cruising World authors were named in 11 awards including four for First Place. Congratulations to all the winners!

Boating Adventures 1st, “The Last Wave” by Herb McCormick (Sept.)
2nd, “Searching for Guo” by Ronnie Simpson (Feb.)
Merit Award: “The 700-Mile Corner” by Webb Chiles (Sept.)
Judge Bob Arrington described the first-place choice as, “A pulse-pounding story of survival that reminds us that adventures, even for seasoned bluewater sailors, always come with life-threatening risk. The writer successfully draws the reader onboard during a harrowing experience with a brave globe-trotting couple.

Technical Writing 1st, “Fit and Fueled” by Alvah Simon (April)
“Fit and Fueled is well written and impeccably researched. This article is a must-read for all boaters who rely on their trusty diesel engines,” offered judge Peter Nielsen.


Boating Travel or Destinations
1st, “A Fever for South Georgia” by Thies Matzen (Dec.)
3rd, “Northern Exposure” by Herb McCormick (May).
Merit Awards: “That Cuban Mystique” by Jennifer Brett (July); “Palau: An Unexpected Paradise” by Heather Francis (Oct.)
Of the first-place award judge Alan Jones said, “This enthralling tale of two winters and three summers spent exploring Antarctic waters is poetry disguised as prose.”

Seamanship, Rescue & Safety
2nd, “Crossing the Big Blue” by Alvah Simon (Sept.)

Gear, Electronics & Product Tests
Merit Award: “Crew Overboard” by Jennifer Brett (Dec.)


Boat Projects, Renovations & Retrofits
1st, “Tempest Temptations” by Gary “Fatty” Goodlander (Jan.)
Of Temptations, judge Dieter Loibner said, “Delightful, gratifying and educational. This piece entertains and informs while presenting a strong case for reusing what others discarded – all with a good dose of humor and caution.”

For a complete list of all the winners, visit Boating Writers International’s website.