CW’s Sailing Seminars at the Annapolis boat show

Apart from getting out there and learning by trial (and possibly) error, there's no better way to learn about offshore passage making, than from the people who have done it before.

The Annapolis Boat Show is the place to be in October.

The Annapolis Boat Show is the place to be in October. Courtesy Of Annapolis Boat Show

Annapolis in early October is the place to get up close and personal with sailing personalities like Cruising World and Sailing World editor at large, author, TV personality, Gary Jobson, who will highlight great sailing moments from racing and cruising as part of CW‘s seminar series. Author and legendary circumnavigator Jimmy Cornell will disscuss planning a voyage from the Chesapeake to the Caribbean, Europe, and back (as well as planning a circumnavigation), and frequent C__W contribtor Beth A. Leonard will discuss a recent voyage to the icy waters of South Georgia. Click here for the complete schedule of speakers and list of topics that will be available during the Annapolis boat show.


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