December Photo Contest Results: The Right Angle

The winner of CW's December photo contest is community member Elina Yeager, whose photo, "A Three Hour Sail," impressed judges with its unique perspective and powerful effect.

Among the dozens of photos submitted to Cruising World's December photo contest were images of colorful sunsets and mystical sunrises, wildlife, and life on board. In the end, however, it was a boat pic taken from an unusual angle that won the judges hearts.

The judging panel included CW assistant art director Shannon Tumino, designer Elizabeth Wishe, online producer Pete Matchett, and online business analyst Lisa Julius.

First Prize
Photo: "A Three Hour Sail"
Contributor: Elina Yeager

Judges' comments
Shannon Tumino:
"I settled upon this photo because of the interesting angle at which it was shot--photographed a bit above the boat. It's a nice action shot. The focal point of the picture is clear, and the boat is coming right at you, which makes for a visually interesting picture to look at."

Second Prize
Photo: "Reflections"
Contributor: mwatson

Judges' comments
Pete Matchett:
"This is definitely one of the better reflection pics I've seen on the sites."

Lisa Julius:
"Gotta agree with Pete on 'Reflections'; that one caught my eye immediately when it was first posted...excellent picture!"

Third Prize
Photo: "Swinging the Halyard"
Contributor: jpcwndsft

Judges' comments
Pete Matchett:
"People pics always stand out in the gallery. This one is simple, with good framing and a spontaneous feeling. It looks like there may be a subtle Photoshop brush filter--that adds a little to it."

Honorable mention:
Photo: "Painted Canoe Patina"
Contributor: Elina Yeager

Judges' comments:
Elizabeth Wishe:
"This photo has some nice negative space. I like it because it is somewhat abstract, and the color clarity is there."

Thanks to everyone who participated in the December contest.

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