August 2010


July 20, 2010


Chartering Plus:
Sail, Swim, Submerge, Smile, Celebrate
Scuba newbies achieve bareboat bliss after an introduction to diving in Antigua, then a sail to the peaceful, pink-sand isolation of Barbuda
by Bill Springer

Dropping In on Culebra
There’s no buzz about great waves off this tiny island near Puerto Rico, and that’s fine for this avid crew of surfers
by Dave Reed


Race to Kick Back, or Kick Back to Race
Racing and a bareboat-charter vacation? Don’t knock it till you’ve try it!
by Elaine Lembo

2010 Charter Address Book
Look here for complete listings of companies, fleets, bases, and services in the world’ greatest destinations
Compiled by Kathy Gregory and Elaine Lembo



On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo
Off Watch Osprey’s Flight by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Sailing Life

Under Way by Jeremy P. Smith
Point of View by Kalina Crafton
Passage Notes by Liza Copeland
People and Food by Kelley J.P. Lindberg


Hands-On Sailor

Provisioning for Gourmands and Glutenphobes
Living Aboard: Charter companies are prepared to handle most dietary requests
by Michael Lovett

Two Headsails Are Better Than One
Seamanship: Downwind, they help steady the boat and increase speed
by Wendy Mitman Clarke


Moving Day
Backyard Warrior: Ganymede is afloat, and the to-do list will be tackled en route
by Ben Zartman

Treat Your Friend on the Bow Right
Monthly Maintenance: The proper installation and correct wiring of your windlass are key
by Steve D’Antonio


Field Report: Underwater Cameras
They’re light compact, easy to use, and shoot hi-res. Best of all, they’re waterproof
by Bill Springer

Simple Tips for Shooting Better Underwater Photos
A dive pro offers good tips
by Pierce Hoover

Jeannueau’s New 57 and 53
Boat Reviews: New production models evoke the workmanship of a custom build
by Bill Springer

Norstar 40
Boat Review: This favorite Robert H. Perry design is a remake of the Nordic 40
by Alvah Simon

Newport 27
Classic Plastic: Offering spacious accommodations, the 27 endures as a coastal cruiser
by Michael Robertson


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