Best Charter Destinations

Not sure where to go on your next sailing vacation? Check out Cruising World's selection of the best charter destinations.
Charter Abacos
Enjoy azure seas and secluded villages as you sail and explore the popular destination of Abaco Island in the Bahamas. Click here to read more. Ready to take a trip? Click here to learn how.


Cruising World‘s editor Mark Pillsbury spent a week learning from naturalists about the evolution of both the islands of the Galapagos and the flora and fauna. Click here to see photos.
International Expeditions


Northern Michigan
On your trip to the sailing destination of the Great Lakes and northern Michigan, find great live music, restaurants, beaches, and bike trails. Click here to read more. Ready to take a trip? Click here to learn how.
Bay Breeze Yacht Charters


The Seychelles archipelago of 115 islands is scattered over more than 500,000 square miles in the western Indian Ocean and boasts some of the most brilliant flora and fauna on earth, just 4 degrees south of the equator. Click here for more photos.
Seychelles Tourism Board


Wild, rugged, and mostly uninhabited, the islands of the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia are a destination that world voyager and CW editor at large Jimmy Cornell says outdistances Greece as the most popular cruising area in the Mediterranean. Click here for more photos. Ready to take a trip? Click here to learn how.
The Moorings


Antigua and Barbuda
Sail, swim, submerge, smile, celebrate… the simple plan was to pack an introductory diving course into a weeklong bareboat charter in Antigua and Barbuda. It turned out to be way more than that. Click here to read more.
Bill Springer


San Juan Islands
The picturesque shoreline of the Pacific Northwest provides countless coves to explore on your trip to the San Juan Islands. Click here to read more. Ready to take a trip? Click here to learn how.
Danelle Carnahan


Cabrera, Spain
Cabrera is about 30 nautical miles south of Palma de Mallorca, the main city on Mallorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands. And it’s the largest island within the Archipilago de Cabrera, a natural reserve administered by Spain’s national park system. Click here to read more about sailing in Cabrera.
William Fitzgerald


British Virgin Islands
Click here to read about a father-son bareboat charter. One boat, six people, countless anchorages–and plenty of rum. Click here to read an account of the BVIs. Charter companies, brokers, skippers, and avid BVI sailors name their favorite anchorages. Click here to read where to go.


French Canals
Tandem crews of sailors swap anchors for hammers and stakes and go off in search of food, wine, and romance on the canals of France. Click here to read more. Ready to take a trip? Click here to learn how.
Elaine Lembo


Are the Bahamas in your winter sailing plans? Click here for info about where to go, what not to miss, and tips from other cruisers. In case you aren’t fully convinced, click here for reader-submitted photos of fun in the Bahamian sun!
Norman Thompson
This tiny country offers major variety depending on whether you choose the Caribbean or Pacific coast. You’ll find countless mangrove cays, frogs, butterflies, tiny tree crabs, and three-toed sloths. Under water, there are hundreds of varieties of sponges, coral, starfish and reef fish.To learn more chartering in Panama, click here. Click here to read even more.
Elaine Lembo


St. Eustatius
Just a daysail away from some of the Leeward Islands’ hot spots, St. Eustatius has much to offer cruising sailors- lush scenery, vibrant reefs and a laid-back vibe. Click here to read more. Ready to take a trip? Click here to learn how.
Bob Grieser


Chesapeake Bay
On a spring bareboat charter, old friends learn lessons of sailing, science, and camaraderie. Click here to read more.
Elaine Lembo


The ancient land by a turquoise sea offers a perfect getaway for the bareboat charterer with an appetite for bigger adventures. Click here to read more. Ready to take a trip? Click here to learn how.
Pat Manion


Apostle Islands, Lake Superior
The Apostle Islands are situated off the Bayfield Peninsula in northern Wisconsin. Click here to read deputy editor Elaine Lembo’s account of a charter vacation aboard a fully crewed Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509. Ready to take a trip? Click here to learn how.
Marianne G. Lee


Greeted by a cyclone and blown away by the sailing, charterers revel amid the islands, reefs, and people they encounter in this South Pacific kingdom. Click here to read more. Click here to see photos.
Mark Pillsbury


Culebra, Puerto Rico
For this bareboat charter, a divine winter swell ignites the unspoiled surf breaks at one of the Spanish Virgin Islands. Click here to learn more.
Amory Ross


Are you ready to take a sailing vacation? We have all the information you need! Click here to read Cruising World‘s Sailboat Chartering 101, a directory of worldwide fleets, reputable companies, brokers, services, including a how-to guide and itineraries for sailing vacations. David Kory