December 2008



The Great Charter Debate
Sailors rate a top Caribbean islands for their trade-wind charms

The Virgin Islands
by Ken Ringle


St. Martin and St. Barts
by Gene Gibbons

Antigua and Barbuda and Guadeloupe
by Herb McCormick

St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada
by Terence Smith


Third Time Charmed
After a pair of dress rehearsals, the perfect ride for Australia’s Sydney-Hobart race came via a 35-foot cruiser/racer
By Herb McCormick

This Waterline 50 is seriously Skookum
Yachtstyle: An experienced sailing couple used to the wonders of winter anchorages choose this Ed Rutherford design for their cruising home
by Andrew Burton



Making music at sea, new ways to learn sailing, Barbara Davis remembered, and more
Edited by Elaine Lembo

On Watch
You’d be surprised how well things can go during haulouts
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Short Story
Will the fiance’ adjust?
by Melanie Neale


Point of View
Two teenage sailors choose circumnavigating to make their mark
by Tania Abei

The Sailing Life

Makeovers and Refits
The interior of a little Cal 25 goes luxe, thanks to its owner
by Chris Roberts

Cruising Connections
Part II: Soon into the sailing lessons, they became boat owners
by Kathy Silver

Passage Notes
In rough going, these women cruisers reach out to each other
by Beth A. Leonard

People and Food
A Christmas cake saves a holiday away
by Katie Coolbaugh

Osprey’s Flight
Where are you headed? Anywhere.
by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Sail Green

State-of-the-Ocean Report
From far-flung anchorages, cruisers compile a composite view of the ocean’s health
by Ca’n Fatty Goodlander

Cleaning up the Yard
At marinas a new work order is in effect, thanks to environmentally conscious rules
by Mark Pillsbury

Trash Talk
A liveaboard cruiser shares his strategy for dealing with various boat wastes
by Cade Johnson

Hands-On Sailor

Smooth Sailing While Installing a Windlass
Projects: This sure-fire solution keeps the owners of an older Sabre 34 feeling young
by Mark Pillsbury

What’s in a Name?
Backyard Warrior: The path to baot naming is one trod with great care
By Ben Zartman

Finish Your Lines Right
Seamanship:Follow these steps to whipe cover to core using a needle, beeswax, and twine
by Andrew Burton

Luggage for Sailors
New Products: On the job or on vacation, these bags take care of your gear
by Andrew Burton


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