July 2008


Catamaran Special 2008

Find the Cat that Suits Your Fancy
A Miami convergence of multihulls from far and wide attests to their diverse appeal
by Mark Pillsbury

Breeding Cats in Cape Town
Boatbuilding skill, affordable labor, and favorable exchange rates are behind the rise of the South African-made multihull
by Andrew Burton


Changes in Attitude
An old monohullista voyages aboard a Broadblue cat and comes away with an appreciation for sailing flat
by Jeremy McGeary

A Flirt with Thin Water
A pair of Seawind catamarans shows their mettle in Florida’s varied waters
by Mark Pillsbury

Doing the Hemisphere Hop Through Yap
In this remote island group, Fatty unearths secrets of ancient navigation
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander



Remnants of the Crowhurst saga, a sailors hall of fame, Kindle aboard, dodging bergs, good books, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

Point of View
Tranquil anchorages and warm breezes, alas, come last on the boat-project list
by Pattie Bittel


Under Way
Offshore and becalmed, Bruno Trouble’-Grand Prix master- keeps his cool
by Angus Phillips

Sailor Profile
This young couple turned a mud-stuck trawler into a transatlantic sailer
by Herb McCormick

The Sailing Life


Cruising Connections
Modifications to the boat, itineraries, and schoolwork help young crew to thrive
by Stacey Collins

Passage Notes
Lucky are the cruisers who happen to be in Key West when it’s time to hunker down
by Mark Pillsbury

Makeovers and Refits
Refined tastes lead to a gallery upgrade
by Beth Schwartz

People and Food
This Chicken Soup isn’t for the soul. It’s for queasy crew
by Robert Beringer

Osprey’s Flight
A built-in wisdon guides the crew’s plans for long-term migration
by Wendy Mitman Clarke


Off the Beaten Track
Voyaging: The east side of Grenada is best
by Don Street

Avoiding Chafe
Seamanship: Ride through storm and surge
by Lin and Larry Pardey

The GPS Broke. Now What?
Seamanship: Fix your position under way
by Andrew Burton

Minimize Fueling Mess
CW Hands-On Tip: Wet the deck, then wipe away spilled diesel
by Andrew Burton

Keep Valves Working
Monthly Maintenance: Regular movement and annual lubrication keep seacocks working
by Steve D’Antonio

The Cruising Diver
Living Aboard: Gear up for going under
by Harley J. Earl


Upgrade to Wireless
Gear Test by Ed Sherman

Lagoon 420: Power Play
Boat Review by Mark Pillsbury

Seawind 1000XL: Airy Fun
Boat Review by Mark Pillsbury

Dean 441: On the Prowl
Boat Review: by Stacey Collins

Admiral 40: All Decked Out
Boat Review: by Ralph Naranjo

Sabre 34: Swift and Shapely
Classic Plastic by Barbara Dawson

Women’s Moccasins
New Products by Andrew Burton


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