March 2008


February 21, 2008


Coming of Age While Cruising
From Cape Cod to the Marquesas, a young man finds answers to the tough questions
by Aaron Cook

Top of the Js
Yacht Style: Customization and superior performance reach new heights with the J/65
by Herb McCormick


Pactor Babe
A single-sideband radio wielded by my smart wife keeps us in touch with Pacific cruiser nets
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

That’s Entertainment
A gadget guy takes a look at what will turn your saloon into a theater
by Tony Bessinger

The Sailing Life


A Bowman ketch takes on the Northwest Passage, Windjammer’s financial turmoil, good books, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

Under Way
Frailities haven’t surmounted his passion for sailing
by Webb Chiles

Sailor Profile
A paraplegic helmsman heads back out to sea to get on with his mission
by Ann Hoffner


Point of View
Sailing and art find common ground
by John Burnham

Cruising Connections
A couple merges craftsmanship with liveaboard cruising
by Bernadette Bernon

Makeovers & Refits
Their Westsail 43 is a sanctuary and a workshop
by Bernadette Bernon


Passage Notes
Samoa was once the home of accomplished seamen and navigators
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

People & Food
An Icelandic welcome: tast cot, piloting aid
by Geraldine Foley

Osprey’s Flight
Time aboard is no longer a test; the boat’s more home than the house on land
by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Hands-On Sailor

Advice to an Offshore First-Timer
Seamanship: Here’s the good stuff all newbies ought to know
by Andrew Burton

Sand, Blast, or Strip Your Way to Smooth Bottom
Projects: Before taking on this giant project, study methods, precautions, and costs
by Ken Textor

Alleviate Anchor Anxiety
Seamanship: If a good night’s sleep is what you’re after, put your GPS on watch
by Burton Preston

Wire and Plumb Your Bilge Pump Properly
Monthly Maintenance: It could mean the difference between staying afloat and reaching for the ditch bag
by Steve D’Antonio


Tartan 4300: Well-Balanced and Comfy
Boat Review: A pair of BOTY 2008 awards and a gusty day suit designer Tim Jackett just fine
by Herb McCormick

Finngulf 46: A Fast Ride
Boat Review: This Scandinavian semicustom model offers solid construction and clean decks
by Steve Callahan

Beneteau 43: Traditionalists Will Like It, Too
Boat Review: A venture into smart design belowdecks robs nothing from performance
by Jeremy McGeary

Stevens Custom 47: Swift and Secure
Classic Plastic: This fast, powerful cruiser was designed by S&S for Bill Stevens
by John MacEvoy and Mary Ann Capria

Boat Shoes
New Products: Men’s basic boat mocs from several makers come up for review
by Andrew Burton


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