March 2010



Circumnavigating the Keweenaw Peninsula
This unlikely spot lures the crew of a Caliber 38 from Lake Huron to the cultural riches and rugged beauty of Lake Superior.
by Fred Bagley

It’s All Good on Lake Erie
A once-maligned body of water sends pleasance psurprises aplenty the way of bareboat charterers
by Elaine Lembo


The Recovery of Wanderer III
Part II:Newfoundland friends, all devoted to the cause, pitch in to repair this iconic cruising boat
by Thies Matzen

Jump into a Winter Escape
Susail’s new 384 catamaran provides the perfect platform for a coming-of-age celebration in the tropics
by Mark Pillsbury



On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo
Off Watch Osprey’s Flight by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Sailing Life

Passage Notes by Elaine Lembo
Onboard Living by Richard de Grasse
People and Food by Thomas Kruse


Hands-On Sailor

Stay in Tough
Systems: Internet and phone connectivity vary according to budget and locale
by Beth A. Leonard

SSB Etiquette
Living Aboard: Keep anchorage mates happy by following these guidelines
by Jan S. Irons


Solo Field
Seamanship: Clamps help a singlehanded sailor flake a roller-furling headsail
by Wayne Gillikin

Clean Before You Install
Monthly Maintenance: Decontaminate hardware and surfaces for a tight seal
by Steve D’Antonio


Hunter 39
Boat Review: A new approach supplies purpose and comfort in a midsize cruiser
by Alvah Simon

Lagoon 400
Boat Review: A well-known design team packs in luxury, detail, and sail power
by Steve Callahan

Electronics 2010: Armed with the proper apps, the iPhone will take you to sea and back
by Ben Ellison

Extreme Power
New Products: Batteries for your boat, windlasses, knotless knots, and more
by Bill Springer


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