May 2010



Hopscotching Across the Pond
By stopping for fresh bread or good beer, your transatlantic crossing doesn’t have to be a slog to endure
by Don Street Jr.

Head to the Med
All the reasons, seasons, and variations are revealed in this excerpt from a book by a renowned globe girdler
by Jimmy Cornell


Lavender Isles of Greece
Sailors aboard a performance cat find inspiration in every shifting wind
by Tina Dreffin

Magical History Tour
Centuries of the past speak to a crew exploring the Croatian coast under sail
by Tom Zydler



On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo
Off Watch Osprey’s Flight by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Sailing Life

Passage Notes by Susan Klein
Under Way by Bill Mitman
People and Food by Anne Mott


Hands-On Sailor

Good for the Sole
Projects: In a calm anchorage, a teak cockpit sole gets a makeover
by Mike Shaw

Read Those Smoke Signals
Monthly Maintenance : Black, blue , or white exhaust, it all means pay attention
by Steve D’Antonio


Get the Most from Your Maine
Sailhandling: A seasoned racer and cruiser shares his sail-trim tips
by Gary Jobson

Weekend Welder
Backyard Warrior: Quality comes with torch practice
Ben Zartmen


Wonder Who’s Out There?
Electronics: Choices abound for using the Automatic Identification System
by Ben Ellison

These Radios Float
New Products: Waterproof VHFs and a clever bilge pump are featured
by Bill Springer

Small Sailers

Making Tracks on Moosehead Lake
Small-Boat Spotlight: A trailerable multi-hull flies across fresh water in Maine.
by Mike Lee

Back to our Roots
Small-Boat Spotlight: A sailing dinghy and a camping tent make for a fine coastal hop
by Andrew Conway

Presto 30
Boat Review: Rodger Martin designs a modern-day sharpie
by Jeremy McGeary


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